macOS Mojave: how to use the five most useful functions of the new system

MacOS Mojave is the new version of Apple's system for Macs and MacBooks. Announced during WWDC 2018 in June, the update arrived on Monday (24) and brings news such as a new dark mood, automatic desktop organization, increased integration with iPhone (iOS) and other features. The download is available for free and is compatible with MacBooks, iMac or Mac mini from 2012 or higher, plus the iMacs Pro 2013 or later and iMacs Pro 2017.

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Apple's proposal is to facilitate the use of its equipment, with a greater connection between them and, at the same time, optimize the user's time. In the list below, check out tips for using the five most useful functions of the new Mojave macOS.

Check out how to use the most interesting features of the Mojave macOS

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1. Activate the dark mode

Step 1. Access the macOS settings and click "General";

Open the macOS settings

Step 2. Then go to "Appearance" and select "Dark". The dark mode is instantly activated, without the need to restart the computer.

Turn on dark mode on macOS in a simple way

2. Use dynamic wallpapers

Step 1. Right-click on the wallpaper and in the context menu tap on "Change Desktop Background ...";

Open the mojave macOS wallpaper settings

Step 2. In the settings window, choose one of the wallpapers in "Dynamic Table". The desktop background image will change color throughout the day and will be dark at night to prevent screen light from irritating the eyes.

Choose a dynamic Mojave macOS background that fits throughout the day

3. Automatic desktop organization

Step 1. Right-click on the wallpaper and in the context menu activate the option "Use Sets";

Enable icon sets in the new macOS

Step 2. The desktop icons will be grouped in stacks and sorted by file type or folders. Click on a stack to expand and open a file.

Desktop files are stacked in an orderly fashion on MacOS Mojave

4. Perform quick actions

Step 1. Select an image, PDF, music, or video file and press the spacebar to open Quick View. In it, press the fast edit button;

Open the Quick Look in the Mojave macOS and click on the button indicated

Step 2. Editing tools are displayed at the top of Quick Look and vary depending on the type of file in use.

Quick Edit Tools are available on Mojave MacOS

5. Scan documents with the iPhone

Step 1. Right-click on the desktop wallpaper and in the context menu go to "Import from iPhone". Then select whether you want to take a photo or scan a document;

Scan a document or photo with iPhone connected to MacOS Mojave

Step 2. On the iPhone, the camera will open and just take a photo or scan the document you want. The file will be saved directly to the PC desktop.

File imported from the MacOS Mojave system is automatically added to the desktop

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