Magic Arena: Learn how to earn coins and gems quickly in the game

Magic: The Gathering Arena is the free digital version of the popular card game, released for PC. In the game you can accumulate coins and gems to invest in boosters and special events, which guarantee excellent prizes and help set up more powerful decks. Check out our ringtones to earn coins and gems faster.

Magic The Gathering Arena: Check out tips to get the game right

Dedicate yourself to the events

Playing quick matches against casual opponents may seem like an easier and relaxed way to play Magic Arena, but if your goal is to accumulate many coins and gems, the ideal path is the special events of the game, which are constantly updated with new options.

Magic Arena: Learn how to earn coins and gems quickly in the game

Keep an eye on the prize bar at the bottom of the screen, which indicates how many games you need to win to recover your entry investment. After that, each additional win will ensure a good profit, and you can play the event again without spending anything.

Get a good position in the season

The ranked game system has been added recently in Magic Arena, and allows players to test their decks in rankings with players of their same skill level. It is possible to play an unlimited number of matches, which makes this mode an option for those who have plenty of time.

Play games and up the rankings to secure your place among the best Magic Arena players. At the end of each season, each player will be awarded according to their performance in that period, including coins and even boosters.

Fight for good positions in the Magic Arena season

Do not miss your daily missions

Like many other online games, Magic Arena has quests and challenges, which are updated every day and guarantee good amounts of coins once they are fulfilled. It is important to keep an eye on the updates, as only a limited number of missions are available.

At least four wins a day already guarantee 550 coins, which when accumulated to your balance can yield real fortunes in a few weeks. Remember to log in and play matches to ensure.

Make your daily wins to get coins at Magic Arena

Avoid buying boosters

Boosters are a tempting option to enrich your collection and enhance your decks with new cards. Unfortunately, they cost a lot of money, and do not guarantee the immediate return of the investment, since you can not choose the cards you want.

Instead of spending your coins and gems on packages, save them for the events, which can pay back the investment and even unlock free boosters for your account. This way you will also have the chance to play various modes, which will teach important lessons about the game and its mechanics.

Avoid spending your money on Magic Arena boosters.

Exchange daily challenges

Challenges are not always easy to do, or reward with the maximum value of coins. The good news is that you can upgrade one of your missions per day. Just click on it to change it to a new one.

This option is especially useful for cases where you need to play with colors that do not have a deck, or when you want to switch from a 500-to-a-750 challenge.

Exchange your daily Magic Arena challenges

Have a reliable deck

To dramatically increase your profits at Magic Arena, it's important to have a fairly strong and dependable deck that you know how to fly with ease. So you will not have to worry about situations like missing certain types of cards (eg creatures, terrain) or operating errors that can cost you a win.

Have a reliable deck to win more at Magic Arena

Choose the most appropriate option according to your style of play (faster, more control, etc.) and invest in the deck. In this way more victories will come, and with them more coins and gems when disputing special events.

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