Magic The Gathering Arena: Check out tips to get the game right

Magic: The Gathering Arena is the new digital version of the traditional card game, launched for free for PCs. With all the cards of the standard format of the game and several game modes, the title is an excellent choice for new players and former TCG fans of Wizards of the Coast. Starting now at the Magic Arena and needing a kick? Check out tips to get the game right.

Magic: The Gathering Arena: how to play the beta of the famous card game

Get inspired in famous decks

Magic: The Gathering has a very busy competitive scene, and it is easy to find decks lists used by professional players in major competitions such as Grand Prix and Pro Tour. If you want to start with more powerful and consistent decks, you can take inspiration from these decks to build your own.

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Sites like MTGTop8, MTGGoldfish and the official site of Magic: The Gathering constantly update their lists with the latest decks that have achieved good results in competitions. Note that only Standard format cards are available in the Magic Arena.

Magic: The Gathering Arena: Check out tips to get it right in the game

Know the phases of a shift

Each turn of Magic: The Gathering is divided into different stages, where you can play cards and perform specific actions like buying cards or attacking your opponent. It is vital that you know the structure of the turn to better understand the mechanics of the game, and know what you can do in each of the stages.

Keep an eye on the bottom bar of the screen, which shows which stage of the turn you are on. A cool tip is also the outline of the cards, which will be marked in blue when you can cast it, whether on your turn or on your opponent's turn.

Know the phases of a turn of Magic Arena

Swap Wildcards for cards you need

In addition to pre-built decks and cards received at Arena awards and packs, you can also exchange the Wildcards for any card available in the game. Rituals for each of the rarities (common, unusual, rare and mythical) that are available in card packs are available and are valuable when setting up your deck.

It is important that you do not spend these Wildcards at random before you have a clear idea of ​​the deck to set up, as they are not exactly easy to get, and can not be bought with coins or real money.

Wildcards can be used to craft the cards you need at Magic Arena

Keep your deck balanced

Unlike games like HearthStone or Yu-Gi-Oh !, Magic: The Gathering requires you to place the Earth cards into play to spawn mana, a feature used to conjure up all of your spells such as creatures, spells, and Planinautas.

When assembling your deck, consider a balanced curve of cards with different mana costs, so that you can progress in the game more easily. The number of different terrains and color fonts is also important, and can be seen in detail on the chart (see photo).

Keep the balance between magic and terrain at Magic Arena

Participate in special events

More than the quick games, Magic Arena has a good variety of game modes, which consist of temporary events where players can face other users and receive awards according to their performance.

These events usually cost coins or gems, and have a higher level of competitiveness. When you feel ready for the challenge, be sure to try out the ways to gain more experience and receive great prizes.

Participate in Magic Arena special events and win prizes

Perform missions daily

As in many online games, Magic Arena has a daily mission system that adds small tasks to the game. While meeting the challenges, ranging from lowering a certain number of terrains, attacking creatures, and conjuring up spells of a specific color, players receive coins, packages and separate cards.

A good idea is to log in at least once a day to complete your quests. A simple daily win will yield 250 coins, and will open up some more options to win cards and smaller coin packs. The other missions can be accumulated in up to three, and exchanged once a day if you can not complete them.

Log in daily to complete the Magic Arena missions

Wait for the right moment

As a good strategy game, Magic: The Gathering requires players to use clever and clever moves to thwart their opponents' plans and ensure the table edge. Before casting your creatures and other spells or even attacking, carefully evaluate your opponent's possible responses and whether this is the right time to use your cards.

Your results tend to improve a lot as soon as you get to know more about the possibilities of your deck, and the potential threats present in your opponents' decks. Keep an eye on the rosters of rivals to know what to expect during the duels and protect yourself as best you can.

Conjure your spells at the right moment at Magic Arena

Enable control mode

To make games faster and more dynamic, Magic Arena has a system that automatically flips its terrain to cast spells, and skips stages where you have no magic or interaction options.

The problem is that this option is not always the most appropriate, as it may end up turning into a land that you would need later, or even denouncing a letter (or lack thereof) in your hand. To make the game completely manual, press Ctrl, or Shift + Ctrl to keep the game active.

Enable full control mode in Magic Arena

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