Magic The Gathering Arena: How to challenge friends with Direct Challenge

Magic The Gathering Arena is the PC version of Wizards of the Coast's popular card game, which has just been updated to allow friends to play in the game. Named a Direct Challenge (or Private Game in Portuguese), the function requires user names and a unique code. Check out the guide and learn how to use the novelty.

Magic The Gathering Arena: Check out tips to get the game right

Step 1. In the Magic Arena main menu, click on the Private Game banner on the left side of the screen, or on the small icon with crossed swords in the upper right corner;

Magic: The Gathering Arena: How to Challenge Friends with Direct Challenge

Step 2. In this screen you will have to add the friend's username, followed by # and the five unique identification numbers (eg: # 12345);

Access the screen to invite friends to Magic Arena matches

Step 3. Proceed by clicking the "Choose Deck" button, and select one of your decks for the match and start the game;

Choose the deck you will use at Magic Arena match against your friend

Step 4. You will be on this waiting screen until your opponent joins the match. For this he needs to repeat the same process as you, using his username. Unfortunately there is no notification for when you receive a friend invitation;

Wait for your friend to enter the Magic Arena match

Step 5. Once your friend accepts your departure request, the game will start. The battles will take place in matches better than 1 without the need for a sideboard. Note that it is not possible to accomplish in-game missions in these matches, such as casting a certain number of spells or downloading terrains.

Okay, now just play the Magic Arena match normally

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