Meditation app: Check out how to do with Headspace on mobile

The Headspace application is a free tool developed to assist people who wish to practice meditation. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, the service uses user information to implement a daily activity plan with audio lessons. According to the degree of user knowledge, the tool offers less or more intense modules, with exercises according to the need of each person.

To get started, just create an account from an email address or Facebook account, faster registration mode. The app, which was recommended by influencer Gabriela Pugliesi on her official website, brings menus and lessons in English. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to change the language into Portuguese. To learn how to use Headspace on your cell phone and combat day-to-day stress, follow the tutorial below.

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Tutorial shows you how to use the Headspace app to receive mobile meditation lessons

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Step 1. Install the Headspace app on the page. When you open the program, tap the "Sign Up" button. In the next window, use your data to create an account from your email address. Another option is to use the Facebook profile login in "Sign Up With Facebook", as in this example;

Create an account in the Headspace meditation app

Step 2. Tap "Continue" and allow the application to use Facebook information. Then go to "Continue as (your Facebook username)";

Give the Headspace app permission to access Facebook data to create account

Step 3. To start setting up the app, select the arrow button at the bottom of the welcome screen. At this point, you will need to define a usage type for the application. Topics include relaxation options to combat insomnia, improve body health, and more. For this example, we use the "Stress & Anxiety" option that brings stress and anxiety combat exercises;

Choose a Usage Type for the Headspace Meditation app

Step 4. Touch the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen, and then enter the degree of knowledge in meditation. Beginners should use the "None" option, while the other buttons are indicated for beginners ("A little" and "A lot"), respectively. For this tutorial, we chose the option "None";

Set up the intesity of the meditation exercise with the help of the Headspace application

Step 5. To move forward, touch the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen again. The following window refers to the setting of the meditation times, with the help of the app. You must choose between the morning ("Morning") or late afternoon ("Evening"), and then set a period. For example, we chose "Morning" and selected as the "After waking up" exercise period for the application to start activities during the first hours of the morning;

Set times for meditation with the Headspace application on your mobile phone

Step 6. You can reset the default time the app will send a notification to match your wake-up period. To proceed, go to the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen. Then tap the "Enable Notifications" button;

Choose a meditation schedule with the Headspace application

Step 7. Tap the "Allow" button to enable app notifications on your smartphone. At this point, the exercise plan will be defined and you will receive alerts to begin the meditation lesson in the configured period. If you want to test the initial lesson, tap "Try My First Meditation";

Turn on notifications and start a meditation exercise with the Headspace app

Step 8. Touch the "Play" icon in the center of the screen to start the lesson and follow the teacher's instructions. The service allows you to pause the lesson by touching the icon in the middle of the screen again;

Start a meditation class in the Headspace app

Step 9. To see more software options, tap the "Explore the app" button. In the next window, check out the plans for Premium users. With it, you can use unique system options. Close the window by touching the "X" icon in the upper right corner of the screen;

Navigate through the Headspace app options to train mobile meditation

Step 10. You can activate the "Stay mindful" function to receive notifications with relaxation tips. To do this, enable the indicated key and set the number of daily notifications you want. Tap "Save" to confirm;

Turn on Headspace app notifications that bring daytime relaxation tips

Step 11. Click the "Done" button to access the initial application options screen. At this point, the modules in practice are displayed with other lessons to be presented in the course of the exercises, as well as the number of sessions made and totals. To see more details, click on "Library" at the bottom of the screen;

Check out the options for Headspace app users

Step 12. This screen re-displays the exercise indications. Then touch your name in the lower right corner of the screen to see your profile with all your progress in the app. From there, you can check the status on the platform and the goals in "View Goals", in addition to the path already taken in "My Jorney".

See the types of exercises and the user screen of the Headspace application

Ready. Enjoy the tips to avoid stress and learn to meditate from the lessons of Headspace on your smartphone.

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