Mother's Day: how to create a message card for free with BeFunky

On Mother's Day it is common to send personalized messages, either in person or on social networks. With the BeFunky photo editor, which has web, iPhone (iOS) and Android versions, you can assemble cards from scratch for free, adding images, texts and illustrations. Once ready, the site still allows you to share the art with your mother. So that you have no problem when creating your message card, we prepared a tutorial on how to do it.

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BeFunky is a free online editor

Step 1. Access the BeFunky page. On the homepage of the site, choose the option "Design", on the right in the upper bar;

Step 2. Access the "Blank Templates" option in the left sidebar, and then choose the "Social Media" section to determine the format you want for your card. If you do not want to make a specific card for social networks, just choose from other template options (such as event graphics, blog resources etc);

BeFunky allows you to create arts by pre-ready templates or create from scratch

Step 3. As we will make a post for Facebook, we chose the "Facebook Graphic" option, but it is also possible to make covers for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, posts for Pinterest, among others;

The online publisher BeFunky has specific arts formats for social networks

Step 4. Select the photo icon in the upper left corner of the screen, under "Image management";

After choosing the format, start creating your message card in BeFunky

Step 5. Now, if your photo is in your personal file, choose "Computer". If you want an image of Facebook or Pixabay (free photo site), you can insert it by clicking on the ellipsis next to the blue button;

The BeFunky site lets you choose photos from your computer, Facebook or the free Pixabay photo site

Step 6. In this case, we will choose Pixabay photos. Therefore, select the "Pixabay" tab in the upper bar and then type in the search bar the image you want to find;

Pixabay works like Google Images, with the difference that all photos have no copyright

Step 7. After writing what you want, select the chosen image and click the "x" to close the box;

Any photo chosen by Pixabay can be used for different purposes, since they are all free

Step 8. Double-click the chosen image so that it is inserted into the card. Then set it to the size you want and position it. You can add as many photos as you like;

You can insert as many pictures as you like into the BeFunky card

Step 9. After configuring the image, go to "Background Image" and choose a color for your card;

BeFunky provides general color options, but also allows you to see its variations

Step 10. You can see the color variations by clicking on "Current Color", just below the "Background Image" section;

current "in BeFunky

Step 11. Under "Design Elements" you can insert drawings of the most varied. They are organized into categories such as "anniversary, " "marriage, " "travel, " "illustrations, " etc. In this case, we chose anniversary to add commemorative images;

BeFunky also has several illustrations that can be inserted into the card

Step 12. When choosing an illustration, you can still change its color and hue. Then position it on the card while dragging the mouse;

All illustrations also have their colors editable in BeFunky, as well as size

Step 13. Finally, go to the "Text" option in the left corner. Then, type whatever you want and choose font, size and color. Finally, place the text in the image;

Besides the images and illustrations, the design part allows you to insert texts in BeFunky

Step 14. When your card is ready, select "Save" at the top. You can choose where to download the edited image: directly to your computer, Facebook, Drive, or Dropbox. In this case, we will put direct on Facebook;

BeFunky lets you save on multiple online platforms and on your computer

Step 15. After choosing the option of Facebook, give permission for BeFunky to publish by clicking on "Continue as ...";

To post to Facebook, you need to be logged in to the desired account

Step 16. Choose who can see your post and confirm the action in "Ok" in the lower right corner of the window.

The posting will be made after Facebook's confirmation

Who owns BeFunky account can still share in other social networks besides Facebook: Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter.

The BeFunky editor allows its users to share the images on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter

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