Is the Moto Z battery running out fast? See how to solve

The Moto Z is a Motorola handset that was launched as flagship in 2016. But as time goes by, battery wear can undermine its performance. This is because the charge tends to last for a few hours, and the smartphone may end up leaving the user on hand before the end of a day's work.

To try to solve it, some tips let you identify which applications are draining the battery, and prevent features from running in the background. Another simple process is to adjust the screen brightness, which is one of the points that most consumes load, and automatically activate battery saving when it is below 15%, so you do not need to worry. To learn how to make these adjustments, just follow the step by step below.

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1. Reduce screen illumination

Step 1. One practical way to make this adjustment is to use the shortcut bar in Moto Z. To do so, drag the top notification bar twice to show shortcuts for connections and features. Notice that the screen brightness is indicated by a bar at the top. Drag to the left to reduce (leave the screen darker and save battery).

Adjust the screen brightness of the Moto Z to conserve battery life.

Step 2. Another way to do this is by "Settings". In the menu select "Screen".

Access the screen settings in Moto Z

Step 3. Note that there is an "Adaptive Brightness" feature to the environment. If you prefer to make the manual adjustment, select "Brightness Level" and adjust the bar that appears on the screen.

Adjust the brightness level of the phone screen

2. Find out which apps are consuming and deactivating

Step 1. Open the Moto Z Settings and select "Battery".

Open your smartphone's battery settings

Step 2. Note that the features that are most heavily draining the load, including applications, since the last load will be listed. To help save money, select one of the apps that most consume, then press "Force Stop".

Force stopping apps that are consuming a lot of battery power

You can also uninstall the app on Android if you do not need it on your phone.

3. Disconnect connections

From the Moto Z splash screen, drag the notification bar twice down until you see the shortcuts for connections. Note that the enabled ones will be highlighted (blank) and the disabled ones will be displayed in gray. Just one touch to turn on or off items like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data, screen projector and more.

Disable connectivity in Moto Z

4. Apps linked in the background

Step 1. The apps in the background are running on your phone without you even noticing it. They drain battery and even mobile data. To discover and switch apps off, go to the "Configure" menu on your phone. Then select "Applications."

Access the Moto Z application menu

Step 2. From the top menu, check to see "Enabled" apps. Select one that does not have to run at the moment, and then tap "Force Stop". Repeat with all the apps you prefer.

Force the apps to stop running in the background on Android

5. Enable automatic battery saving mode

Step 1. Android in Moto Z allows you to activate the battery saving mode automatically, so you do not have day-to-day worries. To do this, open the "Configure" menu and select "Battery".

Open your smartphone's battery settings

Step 2. Select "Battery saving". Then activate the key at the top of the screen if you wanted to use the feature at the same time. If you prefer to use the automatic mode, select in the menu the percentage of the minimum battery to turn on the function, from 15%. When the economy is active, the edges of the screen will appear orange.

Turn on automatic battery saving on Moto Z

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