Multishow 2018: how to watch live and online

The 2018 Multishow Award, which celebrates the highlights of Brazilian music, takes place on Tuesday (25). The edition celebrates 25 years of the event and has invested in multiplatform presence live on TV, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, website and by VOD in the Multishow Play app. The broadcast begins at 8:30 p.m. on YouTube, at 9:30 p.m. on television and at Multishow Play and at 10:30 p.m. on the BIS channel, also of Globosat. All will be more than 10 screens simultaneously to keep the audience connected wherever they are.

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To command the ceremony, the pair of presenters Tatá Werneck and Anitta were chosen. The singer will also perform the first performance of the evening. The Prize will have shows by Ivete Sangalo, Iza, Luan Santana, Pabllo Vittar, Tribalistas, among other performers. In addition, the stage will receive the winners of the 17 categories.

Some of the most anticipated awards are "Best singer", "Best singer", "Best duo" and "Music chiclete", which compete with artists such as Léo Santana, Simone and Simaria, Kevinho and Anitta herself. The winners will be chosen by the super jury - team of expert jurors - and by popular vote, which had the second phase closed on Monday (24). Check out how to watch the 2018 Multishow Award on all broadcast channels.


The Multishow Award will start on YouTube. From 8.30 pm, the platform will pass the pre-show of the stage of the red carpet. The broadcast will be made by three channels at the same time: Humor Multishow (, with presentation of Blogirinha and the double Diva Depression; o After the Eleven (, with Gabie Fernandes and Thalita Meneghim; and KondZilla (, under the command of Titi Müller.

This "warm up" before the show will have live band and approximately 15 artists who will present their own creations and songs awarded in previous editions. Among the attractions are Dani Russo with Anitta's "Show das Podererosas"; Kevinho with "Camarote", by Wesley Safadão; and Luísa Sonza plays "A Festa" by Ivete Sangalo - the biggest winner in the history of the award with 17 trophies.

In order not to miss the show, go to one of three channels, sign up and click on the notification box. So when the live starts, you will be notified by a notification.

Multishow Award will begin streaming on YouTube through Humor Multishow, After Eleven and KondZilla channels

Starting at 9.15 pm, the broadcast begins on the YouTube Music Multishow channel (, commented by a team formed by Kéfera, Luísa Sonza, Gabie and Thalita, Lucas Rangel and Jefferson Schroeder. The team will comment on the backstage of the awards and interview guest artists. Gominho is also part of the cast and will be responsible for interacting with the celebrities who take the stage and the winners of the night.

YouTube Music Channel Multishow will broadcast everything that happens behind the scenes of the 2018 Multishow Award

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

On Facebook, actress and presenter Fernanda Souza will perform a live at 9pm, simultaneously shown on her fanpage ( and on the official Multishow page ( In the videos, she will show the artists in their dressing rooms, in an informal chat backstage.

Multishow Facebook page and Fernanda Souza fanpage will broadcast the Multishow Award live from 9pm

From 10.30 pm, interested parties can follow the reactions of the nominees of the category "Best TVZ Clip" on Twitter (@multishow). Voting will occur in real time through hashtags on the platform itself; the most voted takes the prize.

Profile of Multishow on Twitter will allow real-time voting for Best TVIP Clip category

Already in Instagram (@Multishow) coverage will be made by Stories and posts. From there, fans can already accompany excerpts from special rehearsals and clips made by idols.

Multishow account on Instagram passes snippets of rehearsals and special clips with award-winning artists

Site and Multishow Play

The Multishow website is a way to see all the content in one place. From there, the viewer can watch the full coverage of the event and still see rehearsals of the ceremony and musical numbers, made between the 23rd and 24th of September. The Multishow Play and BIS Play applications open the broadcast signal to non-subscribers at 9:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., respectively - on a tasting basis.

Step 1. The first live flashes start at 6pm. To use the platform, you need to access the Multishow website ( and press the "Play" button on the home screen;

Multishow website home page

Step 2. The platform does not require paid subscription, but requires a free registration. If you are not a cable subscriber, click the "" button and log in with username and password. Who does not have the record should go to "Register" or access via Facebook;

Multishow site login with free registration

Step 3. Then wait for a few seconds for live programming to appear. Do the procedure in the time of exhibition of the Prize to not lose anything of the event;

Multishow live programming is streamed through the site

Step 4. In the MultishowPlay and BIS Play app, the process for accessing and watching live is the same. Just repeat the previous steps. The difference is in the on demand mode of the application, which keeps content already displayed. Thus, channel subscribers interested in seeing the ceremony later can enter the MultishowPlay or BIS Play.

MultishowPlay allows subscribers to see premium after streaming

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