My Cafe: learn to play the mobile game that resembles Café Mania

In My Café, you take control of a café with only a barista. Slowly, you should expand the site, expand your menu and serve more and more customers. The game, which is free, allows you to start a cafeteria and attend several orders at the same time. Now, we'll show you how you can download and play My Cafe on your Android or iOS smartphone.

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Manage a cafeteria in MyCafé

To download My Café on your iOS, follow these steps:

Step 1. Access the Apple App Store on your iPad or iPhone and search for My Café (you can also find it as My Cafeteria). Depending on the version you have installed on your computer, this search can also be done by iTunes;

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My Café on the App Store page

Step 2. Within the game page, select the "Get" button (or "Get" if your account is American) to buy the game and start downloading it. It is important to remember that the game requires the device to have iOS 8.0 or higher and 203 MB of free space to play.

To download the title on Android, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Access the My Cafe page within the Google Play Store via your Android or, if you prefer, your browser on the game page in the Play Store;

My Café on Google Play Store page

Step 2. Next, select the "Install" button in the store. If you do it on your phone, the download will start automatically, but if you did it from your computer, select the device on which the game will be installed and a signal will be sent to your smartphone or tablet. The download will start next.

How to play My Café

Playing My Café is quite simple. There is no right order for you to succeed, and it is important to manage your money and small diamonds, which can be purchased with real money or small tasks during the game.

Buying items to assemble your coffee

Initially, you need to buy furniture and equipment to get to work. There will be few items available but you should buy a countertop for your barista to work on and put the equipment in addition to banks for your customers.

An important element of My Café is the conversation with people who attend your establishment. By talking to your customers, you can learn recipes for new drinks and treats, and learn a little more about them. The more satisfied they are with your help, the greater the reputation of your coffee.

Talking with customers can make them happier and unlock items and rewards

Reputation, which is measured by levels in the upper left corner of the screen, releases new items, money and catches the attention of new customers to their coffee. The higher the reputation, the more chance you can raise prices by pressing the small cup icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

You can charge more for your drinks depending on the popularity of your coffee

My Café is very intuitive, with constant tips from the game itself so you do not get lost and know how your cafeteria can evolve. Just remember to keep your customers happy, talk to them to solve their problems and try, whenever possible, to evolve your employees so they can meet everyone in the best way and as fast as possible.

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