NASA: How to watch the landing of the InSight probe on Mars live

NASA plans to land the InSight spacecraft on Mars on Monday. This is the first landing of an unmanned spacecraft on the Red Planet since the arrival of the Curiosity explorer. Almost seven months after its release, it is time for InSight to land on Martian soil, and the US space agency prepares several ways to broadcast the event online.

The exhibition begins at 5:00 p.m., with the expectation of landing at around 5:40 p.m. The broadcast will be made via social networks, through the agency's website, streaming services and through the official NASA app for Android and iPhone (iOS).

Seven facts about Curiosity, the NASA rover that explores Mars

NASA transmits Insight spacecraft landing on Mars over several online channels

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Unlike Curiosity, finding life on Mars is not in the scope of InSight's mission. Its purpose is more related to obtaining information to help plan future efforts to send humans to the red planet. A new round of exploration of possible life forms in Martian rocks is planned for 2020.

Understand the event

The type of InSight landing gear has a strong influence on the distance between Mars and Earth of 482 million km. Monday's broadcast will focus primarily on confirming all landing procedures until the completion of the landing. It is expected that the signal confirming the safety arrival of the probe arrives soon after 6pm.

Before that, however, several steps must be followed, second by second from the beginning of the descent. InSight's challenge is to pass unharmed at the rarefied entry of the Mars atmosphere at a speed of 19, 800 km / h. The spacecraft is scheduled to decelerate to 8 km / h in a short time to allow landing without damage. The probe is valued at $ 993 million.

Confirmation of opening of solar panels should only arrive at night

The transmission should extend for the rest of the day, since information from the ground probe should take hours to arrive. It will only be possible to know, for example, if the robot's solar panels were successfully activated at around 10:30 p.m. Already the first image of Mars could be received by NASA - and transmitted to the entire world - only on Tuesday.

The data are sent through two satellites in orbit of Mars that monitor the probe's actions: two miniaturized Mars Cube One spacecraft sent to aid the InSight mission.

Broadcast by NASA

  • For the NASA profile on Facebook (
  • By the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory profile on Facebook (360 degree video:
  • For the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory YouTube channel (
  • By NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory channel on YouTube (360-degree video:
  • By the NASA channel on Periscope (
  • For the NASA channel on the Twitch (
  • By the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory channel on Ustream (
  • By NASA's official website (
  • By NASA's mobile application

How to watch the landing on the NASA app

Step 1. Download the NASA app on your phone. At the first access, tap "Accept" to access the list of contents available to watch.

Access the list of NASA app content

Step 2. Tap "TV and Audio" to access the live stream. While the landing stream does not start, the video shows a counter at the top of the screen.

Watch the Insight landing on the mobile phone

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