Netflix releases standard character usage in profile photo; know how to use

Netflix has announced new profile photos for the platform on Wednesday (25). Users can now illustrate the icons with faces from the characters from the most famous series and movies in the stream, such as La Casa de Papel, Orange is The New Black, Stranger Things and Defenders of Marvel. Previous figures, such as the police, superhero and penguin, have been redesigned and modernized with new colors and more detailed features. In all, over 100 new icons are available for use.

Netflix profiles were created in 2013 to make the user experience more personalized, allowing multiple people to use the same service account without interfering with the content being watched by others. The move will be available in the coming weeks for all users on the site, on mobile devices and in Smart TV applications. Check out the following tutorial how to use the new Netflix profile photos from your computer.

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Netflix launches new profile icons with famous series characters

Step 1. Open Netflix and see the profile selection screen. Note that the old icons are already modernized. To change them, select "Manage profiles";

Edit Netflix profiles to change icons

Step 2. Select the profile that will have the changed icon;

Select the Netflix profile that will be changed

Step 3. Click on the pencil icon on top of the photo to edit it;

Edit the Netflix profile icon

Step 4. Choose the icon with the character you want and click on it;

Netflix lets you exchange profile pictures with icons that show characters from series and famous movies

Step 5. Confirm your choice in "Good idea";

Confirm Netflix profile photo exchange

Step 6. Finally, click the "Save" button.

End editing of Netflix profile

Ready. Take the tip to leave the Netflix profile with your favorite character.

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