New Google tool helps buy cheaper movie tickets

The Google search was even more interesting for those who enjoy watching movies in the movies. A new free service was released last Friday (21) for web and mobile search engines, plus the Android app. The update brought a tool capable of filtering movies on poster from the genre, location of the room, date and time of the session and even critical evaluation. The idea is to facilitate the customer experience and encourage access to culture.

The Giant Busquets also incorporated a ticket shopping system, which allows you to select seats and pay for tickets in advance. The proposal is to facilitate the comparison of movies on display in the city and reduce the time in choosing which to watch. See in the following tutorial how to use the Google tool on your smartphone and PC. The procedure can be done in Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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Google launches movie ticket purchase system in the search app

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On the pc

Step 1. Open Google on your computer and enter "movies, " "movies on the fly, " "sp movie times, " or any term related to movie scheduling in the search field. Then, a sequence of cards with the movies in the poster will be displayed at the top of the screen, according to your location and / or the city informed in the search;

Google cards with in-game movies appear according to user's city

Step 2. Use the left and right corner arrows to view more movie options. To filter the movies by category, click on "All genres" and select the desired one (in this example, "Fantasia");

Apply movie genre filter on Google for a more specific search

Step 3. Click on the desired movie card to see ticket purchase options;

Click the chosen movie, from the navigation in the Google search service

Step 4. Google will display the sessions according to the day and time of the cinema. Beside, there is a card with information such as movie release date, director, cast and popularity - according to platform users;

Check out Google listing with feature films, organized by movie schedule

Step 5. Click on the day and the shift you want to watch the movie (in this example, tomorrow night). The cards show the name of the movie theater; the type of screen (2D or 3D); the system of subtitles or dubbing, when applicable; the link to the position on the map; and the time of the session. Tap the time to open the "Buy tickets" box and select the company that provides the tickets;

Select the movie ticket company on the Google website

Step 6. The search engine will redirect to the website of the company responsible for the sale of tickets. Choose the seats and finalize the purchase as per the instructions on the page.

Buying movie tickets through the Google website

On android

Step 1. Open the Google app on Android and enter the term "movies" or similar. In the "Movie viewing times" field, navigate through the results. To refine the search, touch "Genres" and select the styles you want to watch - in this tutorial, we chose action, horror and comedy. Tap the "Apply" button to confirm;

Search in the Google app of movies on display, with film genre filter

Step 2. You can apply more filters from the Android app. In it the user chooses the type of screen; Age rating; critical score (IMDB, Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes); cinema networks (Cinemark, Cine Group, Afa Cinemas, etc); language; date; time. By opening the "Cinemas" tab, you can see all the rooms with movies according to selected criteria. Cards also indicate how many movies are currently playing. Expand the set to see the times, screen and other details of each movie;

See results by movie and movie theaters after applying filters on the Google app

Step 3. When you find the ideal session, tap on the schedule and then select the company in charge of the online tickets;

Choose the summit session with the Google Android search application

Step 4. Just like in the web version, the app will redirect to the system of the company responsible for the sale. Finally, continue the procedure to complete the purchase of the tickets.

Buy movie ticket with the Google Android app

Ready. Enjoy the tips and find the ideal movie to watch in the movies with Google's search tools.

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