Notebook turning itself off? Know possible causes and how to solve

Notebook powering off from "nothing" may be a sign that some part of the device is not working properly. It is common for the problem to occur in the device, especially when it becomes hot or when a heavy game is being played on the video card. In addition, misuse of the battery and the source may also cause the computer to turn off even when plugged in.

To help users, TechTudo has listed below possible causes for the sudden shutdown of the notebook and how to resolve this problem. However, it is important to note that, if none of the options below work, it is best to seek technical assistance for your laptop.

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Addicted battery and defective power supply

The most common cause of this problem is the malfunction of the battery and notebook power supply. Over time, the battery may become corrupted, causing the device to run out quickly - or even stop functioning. In this case, the defect requires that the laptop is always connected to the power source.

Because of this, it is worth checking if the problem will continue when replacing the battery and the source with others of the same model. If this test can not be performed, make sure the cable is defective and if the battery is still in its useful life or in bad contact - if it is damaged, a few seconds of malfunction will suffice to turn off the notebook .

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Display with problem

Another quite common situation is related to the screen of the device. In some cases, the user may get the impression that the notebook is turning itself off "out of the blue". However, if the display of the device is malfunctioning, it is possible that the screen is actually only turning black while the device is still on.

To confirm that this is the problem with your notebook, check to see if the lights are still on. Normally, the button used to turn the unit on will have an active light while it is on. It is also possible to hear the fan noise to perform the test. If you notice that the notebook is performing one of these actions, the problem is most likely to be on the display.

Hard disk with malfunction

Although it occurs less frequently, the hard disk (HD) can also be one of the causes of the computer shutdown. One of the reasons may be the lack of internal space. When storage becomes full (generally around 80% usage), the notebook may show signs of slowness, showing that it is not working as it should - and in some situations, turning itself off.

In addition, physical hard disk problems - such as dirt, broken parts and other defects - can also contribute to the sudden shutdown of the device. So it pays to check how your hard drive works to see if it is the cause of this problem.

Problems on the display and on the hard drive are possible causes for turning off the notebook


Some parts of a computer, such as the processor, motherboard, and video card, because they are very demanding on a day-to-day basis, may begin to warm up after a certain time of use. To avoid that the components that form the notebook end up burning, the shutdown ends up being used as a preventive measure. This usually occurs in times of high demands of the computer, such as games and heavy movies.

Excessive dust on the device and use of the notebook in places that obstruct the air outlets - such as comforters and pillows, for example - can aggravate this situation even more. Therefore, it is very important to check if the cooling system of the appliance is working properly. Looking for a cooler holder for the notebook can be a great alternative to this problem.

Call for service

Finally, in case you can not identify the real cause for the sudden shutdown of the notebook with the above tips, it is best to contact a specialized service - preferably the brand of the device itself. In this way, a more accurate diagnosis can be made to solve the problem.

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