Nubank has function to charge money with ticket of form 'nice'

The Nubank application allows you to make financial charges in a more "nice" way, ideal to remind your friend of the purchase that was on your account. Available on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, the in-app credit card feature lets you customize the request with a fun message, and NuConta's banking information can be sent by messenger apps or social networks like WhatsApp or Facebook. Another way is by means of a personalized ticket with the debt amount. In this way, the contact only needs to make the payment and the amount will be credited to NuConta, without extra fees.

The measure is useful because it makes collection less unpleasant and at the same time helps to avoid being at a loss. The two procedures - sending the message and generating the ticket - can be found in the app simply. Find out how to use the features in the tutorial below, which works on Google and Apple system smartphones.

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See how to make financial charges using the Nubank app on your phone

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Charge money for the Nubank app

Step 1. Open the Nubank application on your phone. Then tap the "Charge" button. Enter the amount due with the mobile phone's virtual keyboard and click "Confirm";

Access the button to cash the Nubank app

Step 2. Tap "Enter a message" and enter a friendly message for your friend or contact. Confirm with "Continue";

Enter a custom message on billing

Step 3. In case of contact with the person in person, just show the QR code to be read with the Nubank app itself and the transfer performed. Another option is to select "Send Billing" to be received remotely. Choose one of the social networks or messengers to send;

Send the charge to your friend by cell phone

Step 4. In this test, we use WhatsApp. Select the contact and confirm with "Next". Please note that your text message will be sent along with a link to the transfer, with direct access to your NuConta bank data. Please confirm "Submit".

Send the direct link to the charge for messengers and social networks

Generate custom ticket

Step 1. Another practical way to send the charge is by means of a personalized value ticket. To do this, open the Nubank app and tap "Deposit". Then choose "Deposit per ticket";

Make a free deposit per ticket in your NuConta

Step 2. Enter the value and tap "Confirm". The ticket will automatically be generated. Just send your friend the code for the payment in "Copy Code" (pasting into any messenger or social network) or opt for "Send by email". In this case you will receive a PDF with the ticket in your registered email, then just forward to the contact to pay.

Make a personalized gift voucher to charge your friend

Ready. Take the tip and cover that old debt of your friends with the Nubank app.

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