Oldweb: platform shows how the sites were formerly

Oldweb is an open source tool that emulates old browsers and displays old sites. Just choose the date and enjoy the nostalgia. To do so, it uses repositories of the Internet Archive, Portuguese Web Archive and other public Internet archive sources. The user can choose between Netscape, Mosaic and old versions of the current browsers - Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Check out the next step, how to use Oldweb to view old Internet sites.

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Oldweb.today shows what Facebook was like in 2004, year of release

Step 1. Go to the Oldweb website (//oldweb.today) and in "browser" select the browser you want to use. Note that each column corresponds to a different operating system;

Select your browser

Step 2. Under "URL", enter the site you want to see. Just below, select the desired date. Remember to use the American standard, that is, "year-month-day" - for October 31, 2005, for example, enter "2005/10/31";

Enter the site and choose the date

Step 3. Finally, just click on "Surf the web!" and wait for the site to load. Depending on the number of people, you will have to wait for a wait queue and this may take a few minutes.

Viewing old version of Facebook site

Ready! Take the nostalgic hint to find out what your favorite websites were like a few years ago.

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