Overwatch birthday skins and know how to get them

Overwatch is celebrating two years. As a way of commemoration, Blizzard has launched a special event that goes until June 11 on PS4, Xbox One and also on the PC via Battle.net. The main novelty is in the inclusion of exclusive skins for some of characters, such as Lucio, Junkrat, Soldado 76 and Tracer.

The costumes are decorated with varied themes and can be obtained in boxes, which are offered to players who win or level up. Get to know the new skins of the event and learn how to get them:

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Blizzard celebrates Overwatch birthday with skins

Event Details

What all players need to know about this event is that it's a kind of Overwatch "Big Hit". In addition to the new skins, he also made available previously released costumes in boxes. The chances of getting gifts are much higher, so the ideal is to always play, until the end of the deadline.

New event brings more skins to Overwatch

Know the skins:

Lucius Bitrate

Overwatch Birthday Skin Lucius Bitrate

Lucius in a skin with shades of purple and reminiscent of his original design. It is a rare look and costs 750 gold in case the player wants to buy.

Junkrat Bucaneiro

Overwatch birthday skin Junkrat Bucaneiro

In this skin, Junkrat becomes a pirate, with false eye, wooden leg - which he already had, but now is stylized - in addition to other details. It's a legendary skin and costs 3, 000 gold.

Torbjörn Cibjorn

Overbatch birthday skin Torbjörn Cibjorn

Torbjorn turns into a kind of cybernetic version of himself, almost totally robotic. Legendary skin that goes out for 3 thousand gold.

Brigitte Dama Escudeira

Brigitte Dama Escudeira, Overwatch Birthday Skin

Brigitte wins clothes with traditional elements of the region where she lives, with a big bear skin on her back. Legendary skin that goes out for 3 thousand gold.

Orisa Spirit of the Forest

Orisa Spirit of the Forest, Overwatch Birthday Skin

In this skin, Orisa ceases to be a robotic figure and becomes a type of creature that most seems to have left World of Warcraft. Legendary skin that costs 3, 000 gold.

Formal Doomfist

Formal Doomfist, Overwatch Birthday Skin

The Doomfist Warrior is character for a gala party with his formal uniform in the best secret agent style. Legendary skin that costs 3, 000 gold.

Bastion Stealth

Bastion Stealth, Overwatch Birthday Skin

A robotic attack unit, Bastion gains a skin that places him as an agent of stealth, with the possibility of merging with the environment. Even Ganymede, his bird friend, is transformed. Legendary skin that costs 3, 000 gold.

Symmetra Mágica

Symmetra Magic, Overwatch Birthday Skin

The technologist Symmetra joins with the magic in this skin, with a clothing that comes even with a typical top hat. Legendary skin that costs 3, 000 gold.

Tracer Ray

Tracer Ray, Overwatch Birthday Skin

The young Tracer gains an even more modern skin with bright colors, new haircut and the word "Lightning", or Ray, written on her leg. Rare skin that costs 750 gold.

McCree Sherlock

Overwatch birthday skin McCree Sherlock

The classic American cowboy seems to have moved to London, since in this skin he assumes the detective look of Sherlock Holmes. Legendary skin that goes out for 3 thousand gold.

Soldier 76 Poison

Soldier 76 Poison, Overwatch Birthday Skin

Another robotic look for Soldier 76, repeating the dose of the birthday skin he won last year. This look is rare and goes for 750 gold.

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