Overwatch: How to Use the Tools Searching for Group and Indications

Overwatch, a game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, received an update that introduced the Group Search and Indication tools to Blizzard's FPS. Now you can find other players to form teams in the game and use the nomination system, which evaluates the performance and behavior of users. Check out the guide and learn how to use the new functions.

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Looking for Group

The Finding Group tool allows players without a team to find other users who search for a team in Overwatch. You can specify which positions, skill of the wanted players, and other information.

To access the Overwatch Group Search function, select the yellow icon

Step 1. To access the tool, click on the yellow icon of Searching for Group in the main menu of Overwatch;

In this screen you can see the requests by groups of Overwatch players

Step 2. In this screen you will find all the groups available for your region, with the main information. The page refreshes frequently, so keep an eye on the options;

You can also create your own groups by configuring the characteristics of the players you want to find

Step 3. You can also create your own group in Overwatch. Name the team and set up the information, such as number of players, what their positions, mandatory use of microphone and other options;

Choose your role and start a new group in Overwatch

Step 4. Choose your position and create the group in Overwatch;

Wait for players to join the Overwatch group

Step 5. Okay, now just wait for players to join your group, and start a new game in Overwatch;

You can also add filters to search for Overwatch groups

Step 6. If you find it difficult to find a group, you can use filters, which will show only rooms with the specifications of your choice.


The indications work as an Overwatch reputation system, which allows players to assess the performance and behavior of teammates and opponents. There are three types of votes that can be given at the end of each game and accumulate one bar for each user.

At the end of an Overwatch game, go to the player indication menu

Step 1. At the end of the game, press the button indicated at the bottom of the screen to open the Overwatch Indication screen;

Select the player who wishes to vote and the type of indication in Overwatch

Step 2. You can give up to three votes per game, except for players who are in a group with you or users who have already received your votes on that day. The ratings are divided by Sports Spirit, Good Allies and Decisions;

You can also tell opponents who have performed well in Overwatch

Step 3. It is also possible to evaluate rival team players if they have played in an honorable and respectful manner;

When you receive an indication, it will appear at the bottom of the Overwatch

Step 4. Keep an eye on the lower left corner of the screen to see if you have been indicated by a player. It is not possible to see which user sent you the evaluation, and you will not be identified when you refer someone;

Check your level of Overwatch indications

Step 5. In the statistics screen of each player you can see your level of indications. The color of the bar indicates the proportion of votes, and is different as you are told.

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