Overwatch: learn tips for playing in Rialto, Blizzard game map

Overwatch has received a new map and it is already available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. This is Rialto, which was the main scenario of the recent event that became available in the game. He is in Italy and is packed with good places to hide or flee, as well as working on Attack and Defense missions. Although it is a large map, it has few major locations through which the load passes and allows combinations of very interesting and unique teams. Learn how to do well in online matches within Rialto:

Meet the main easter eggs of Blizzardworld, map of Overwatch

What is Rialto?

The name is a reference to a real region of Italy, so the locality. The map is a province of Savona and has a large area with water in its surroundings, just as it is in the game, in much of the scenery.

Learn tips for playing in Rialto, new map of Overwatch

How to access

For a limited time, Rialto will be featured prominently in the match menu. To access, simply enter the Arcade mode and select the mission in Rialto. After a while, it will be one of the random maps within the standard matches and also in the "ranked" ones.

Learn tips for playing in Rialto, new map of Overwatch

Rialto's details

As we mentioned at the beginning of the story, Rialto is a map with several "blind spots" in relation to the main path of the charge, either to attack or defend. This can be a double-edged sword as it helps you escape from fighting, but it can also reveal unwanted enemies when you are low on life.

Learn tips for playing in Rialto, new map of Overwatch

The main tip is to know when to use these points: they are places within buildings and buildings, with space up to slightly higher than in other maps, such as Numbani, but with fewer medical kits to regain life.

Rialto also favors tank heroes, who are good for defense because their streets are narrow. A Reinhardt or Orisa shell takes up almost any area and serves either if you are attacking with your team, taking charge, or defending and trying to prevent the charge from reaching your base.

Learn tips for playing in Rialto, new map of Overwatch

Another key point on the map is in its subterranean passages, below the base where the charge must arrive. They are well hidden, with side inlets, and are a great way to surprise enemies. But do not stay too long there, because they are difficult places to escape, if caught by surprise.

Learn tips for playing in Rialto, new map of Overwatch

Finally, it is worth noting that the base from which the attacking party leaves has entrances well beyond the initial points of healing. If your group is ambushed by your opponents, do not try to stand back - the path is too long to try to escape a barrage of attacks.

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