Password for photo gallery: how to protect images from your Android phone

Android mobile users can install apps to protect Photo Gallery content through passwords and other forms of authentication. Ideal for those who want more privacy, the method ensures that only you have access to your albums. Another option, specific to those who use Samsung smartphones, is to hide photos inside the so-called Secure Folder, a feature of the latest Galaxy, which is simple to set up and very reliable.

In this tutorial, we'll use the AppLock Lockdown application, which lets you protect the gallery by means of on-screen defaults. The step by step was reproduced on a Galaxy S8 with Android 8 Oreo, but you should find the tool on other models of the brand.

Tips allow you to protect access to Photo Gallery

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Using the AppLock Lock App

Step 1. Run the AppLock Lock. On the first screen, there will be a warning inviting you to create your unlock pattern. Choose the "Gallery" app to protect your photos.

pass "to create an unlock method

Step 2. Draw your lock pattern and choose a theme for the app screen.

Draw the pattern to unlock the Gallery and choose a theme for the AppLock Lock

Step 3. Following, the application reminds you that you will need to release access for more privacy. The step is optional and you can choose not to enable these special permissions.

Application indicates that releasing special permissions improves privacy. You can turn off the option, if you prefer

Step 4. Return to the main AppLock Lock screen. Note that by default, the app already sets the lock on a series of apps. If you just want the Gallery, uncheck the other options. If you have already chosen the unlock pattern and authorized the AppLock Lock, the protections should already be in effect. See in the image how the protection application behaves when you try to open the Gallery:

Choose what you want to protect. When you try to open the application, AppLock Lock will require your unlock pattern

Using Samsung Mobile Phone Safe Folder

Step 1. Open the "Settings" of the phone and search for "folder" or "secure folder".

You will have to activate the Secure Folder if you have never used the

Step 2. Open the Secure Folder tool and start the feature.

Step 3. Choose an authentication type to access the protected content. You can use your phone's standards, passwords, PINs, and biometric sensors. Then the cell phone will start the process of creating your Secure Folder.

Once you choose an authentication method, you can enable the Secure Folder: the process takes a few moments

Step 4. The Secure Folder works a bit differently than the AppLock Lock. Samsung's feature creates new, protected versions of the apps you want to hide. This means that the gallery in the folder is empty: you need to copy the photos you want to hide into it.

Secure Folder creates a protected version of your apps; if you check it out, you'll see that your Protected Gallery is completely empty

Step 5. To add files - or even photo folders - use the "Add Files" option and choose the type of file you want to include. Within your Gallery, choose the images you want to protect and touch "Done."

Choose option to add the files and choose the photos you want to hide in the folder

Step 6. The system will give you two options: move the photos, which means to leave them completely hidden in the Secure Folder, or make copies of the images, which means they will still be visible in the "public" gallery of your cell phone.

Step 7. Okay, look, the photos have been moved into the protected gallery. To access the Secure Folder, and consequently its protected content, simply find the shortcut for the tool between your apps.

See that our protected gallery has already been populated with some photos. To access it, simply use the shortcut to the Secure Folder between your apps

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