PC freezing? Check how to solve on Windows computer

Windows computers may exhibit sudden freezes that prevent the use of the PC for a certain period of time. This type of error occurs in several versions of the system, from old versions like Windows XP to the most modern Windows 10.

The problem can have many causes, such as faulty application failures, graphic crash, and system corruption. Here are four tips that can help you solve crash cases on computers of any brand.

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Tips Can Help Reverse Frozen Type Faults in Windows

1. Finalize a program

The classic "End Task" command is still a useful step in Windows to cancel a program and try to recover it. In any system version, use the "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" key combination to open the menu and select the Task Manager. Right-click on the failing application and exit the activity. Then open the app again to see if the issue has been resolved.

Finish a program to try to work around the freeze

2. Finalize a modern app

Starting with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, Microsoft lets you end a program with errors also by system settings, as long as it is an application downloaded by the store. Check out the following tutorial.

Step 1. Open the "Start Menu" and click on the gear to open the Windows 10 settings;

Access Windows 10 Settings

Step 2. Access the "Applications" menu;

Access the Windows 10 Applications Menu

Step 3. Look for the problematic application in the list and click to expand options. Then select "Advanced Options";

View advanced options for a Windows 10 app

Step 4. Scroll down the page to the "Finish" section and click to terminate the program and processes related to it immediately.

Finalize a Windows 10 application

3. Reset the graphics card

If the freezing problem affects the system completely, not just a program, an alternative is to restart the computer's graphics. Few users know, but Windows has a shortcut on the keyboard that lets you do the job easily, without interfering with the PC's operation.

Use the "Win" + "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "B" command to reset the graphics card. The PC image will flash briefly, which indicates that the graphics will restart. Then, try to use your computer again normally. The "Alt" + "Tab" command may be required to get the image back. If the fault is due to a video card error only, operation should be re-established.

Use a keyboard command to restart PC graphics

4. Forced shutdown

Finally, if none of these measures work, Windows should be more serious. In these cases, the best way is to force the shutdown to quit all processes in a forced manner and try to regain normal operation with a new boot.

A forced shutdown requires holding the machine's power button pressed for about 10 to 15 seconds. After this time, the computer should turn itself off. It is worth remembering that this method eliminates any unsaved work.

Force a forced computer reset, but be careful that files will not be saved automatically

Ready. Use the tips when your PC stops freezing.

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