Peliante Promotions: Learn how to use the app to see offers on your phone

Pelando is a platform that gathers thousands of offers and discount coupons for various products. Similar to a social network, the free service monitors shop prices online and allows users to exchange promotion tips. The platform, available on the web and on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, is particularly interesting for dates such as Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday as it serves as an option to get away from fake rebates and save money on buying.

The Pelando can also be used on the PC through the site or extension for Chrome, an alternative for users connected on the web via the desktop. In this tutorial, TechTudo teaches you how to use Pelando's tools for the mobile app, with subtle changes between Google and Apple systems.

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How to use the Peeling app to see mobile deals

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Step 1. After installing and opening the Peeling application, tap the main menu and select "Enter." The tool can be used without registration, but some functions are restricted to users with login in the system;

Access to the Peland app main menu

Step 2. The user can create an account in Pelando with his email, from a username and password, or use the credentials of Google or Facebook. In this example, we use the Facebook login;

Login in Pelando releases access to all application tools

Step 3. The Pelando will display a message to inform you that the login has completed. Touch "OK" to return to the menu. Enter "Category Search" to search for products according to the type of item;

Main Menu of the Peeling app with active login

Step 4. Note that there are several categories, such as car rentals, computers, headphones etc. Enter the desired section - in this tutorial, "Price Bug" - and locate the desired product;

Search for Pelando in-app products by category

Step 5. With platform login, you can save an offer and sign up for the ad and receive updates on it, for example. To take advantage of the promotion, press the "PEGAR" button;

Announcement with smartphone offer in the Pelando application

Step 6. In the context menu that appears, select your browser to open the store's website. Once this is done, complete the purchase normally, according to the seller's page, by clicking "Buy Now";

Complete the purchase of the product through the offer link obtained in the Peeling app

Step 7. You can also search for products by navigating through the tabs highlighted in the main screen or in the magnifying glass, which displays the search field. Enter the desired term and press the "Enter" button corresponding to your keyboard;

Product search in Peeling by keywords

Step 8. Enter the item you are looking for to see the details of the offer. If there is a promotional code, it will be inside a dotted field, just tap to have the sequence copied to the clipboard of the phone. When accessing the online store corresponding to the link, insert the discount coupon in the purchase. In addition, the user can follow the profile of the person who posted the promotion by clicking on the icon of the doll with a "+" sign;

Follow user who posted offer at Pelando to keep up with news

Step 9. Once you have made the transactions within the offer, touch the arrow to return to the main screen of the Pelando. If you'd like to add an offer, press the "+" button in the lower right corner of Android and the top right on the iPhone;

Add offers on the main screen of the Pelando app

Step 10. Next, in the "Promotion" tab, insert the offer link, photo, price, promotional coupon code and other relevant information about the product for sale. Open the "Coupon" tab to add other details such as discount percentage and free shipping offer. Finally, press the check button in the upper right corner.

Include offers on Pelando by the mobile app

Ready. Take advantage of the hint and know the lowest prices with the Comparador Pelando para celular.

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