PES 2018: How to transfer players between teams manually

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 features a team editing tool, which allows players to manually transfer athletes between game teams. Despite the upgrades of the casinos, the Brazilian Championship finished outdated in the Konami game, but it is possible to correct the problem by changing the players who changed teams. The editing mode is available in the versions for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Manually transferred players can be used in all Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 offline modes, including friendlies, custom championships and Master League mode (a new campaign must be started after the transfer). To check the edited casts manually, be sure to press the right analog (RS / R3) to turn live updates off.

PES 2018: How to transfer players between teams manually

Step 1. Go to the "Extras" menu and select "Edit" to make adjustments to PES 2018 teams;

Go to the edit menu of PES 2018

Step 2. Select the "Transfer" option to change team players in the game;

Click on downloads in the PES 2018 menu

Step 3. In this screen, select the league in which the player you want to transfer is acting;

Select the league in which the transferred player is on PES 2018

Step 4. Now it's time to select the team in which the player you are going to transfer is in PES 2018. On the right side of the screen you can see the complete list of athletes from each team;

Choose the team of the athlete to be transferred in PES 2018

Step 5. After finding the player in the list, press A / X (Xbox / PlayStation) to see the options;

Select the player to be transferred and press A / X on PES 2018

Step 6. Choose "Transfer to another team" and press A / X. If you want to make a switch between two players or simply remove an athlete from the team, use the options below;

Click on transfer to another team in PES 2018

Step 7. Time to select the player's destination. Choose League and Team and press A / X to end the transfer;

Choose the team where you want to transfer the selected player in PES 2018

Step 8. Now, just confirm the transfer by clicking "Yes". Now the player will be available for use on his new team in PES 2018.

Click Yes to confirm the transfer in PES 2018

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