PES 2019: how to make the best dribles of the game

PES 2019 is already available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC (via Steam), and brings improvements in graphics, gameplay and changes in the online mode myClub. Dribbling fans should also be satisfied, as it is easier to execute the feints. Still have not learned the best moves to humiliate your opponents in the Konami game? Check out the guide.

PES 2019 x PES 2018: check the graphical comparison of the games

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One of the most efficient ways to dodge opponents is with the abrupt acceleration of PES 2019. To do this, simply press the race button twice and choose the direction you want to shoot with the left analogue. The tactic works especially well with fast and skilled players.

Accelerated is one of the most efficient dribbles of PES 2019

Multitasking Finite

This dribble is one of the most versatile of PES 2019, since it can be run by all players, and has several alternative versions. To use the fake, move the analog right back (towards your player's back), and move the left lever in any direction.

Finta can be made in several directions to fool opponents in PES 2019

Letter cut

One of the main dribbles in the latest versions of Pro Evolution Soccer, the letter cut back to the 2019 version with a new animation. This is a good way to dribble defenders at high speed or change directions quickly. To run, move the analog straight forward (in the direction you are running), and then move the left lever to one side.

Cut of letter received new animation in PES 2019

Fast pull

Ideal for tightening situations, where the defender is very close to his player, the fast draw requires precise timing, but is quite efficient. To use the dribble, move the right analog left / right (direction of your player's arms), and then the left alavanda forward.

Leave your opponents behind with a quick pull on the ball in PES 2019


Classic since the early versions of the Konami football franchise, the simple cut is easy to perform and quite useful in various situations, whether to trick a player or goalkeeper, or even to slow down your player. To use the dribble, press the kick button, and then quickly the pass.

The traditional Cortina remains useful in PES 2019

Back Hat

Finding trouble to infiltrate your opponents behind? A hat can be ideal to surprise them and make room to get out in the face of the goal. To use the dribble, press and hold the right analog (R3 / RS) while the ball reaches your player, and as he raises it, hold the analog stick straight toward the athlete's back.

Hat is alternative to get rid of defenders in PES 2019

Scooter / Reel

The abused dribble is constantly used by the Brazilian Neymar, and even yielded a special animation, which imitates the alternative style of the scooter of the ace. To use the dribble, press the right analog (R3 / RS) twice. It is possible to use the movement while walking, or stopped.

Neymar won a special animation of moped in PES 2019

About Me

Being able to be used with both the still and the moving player, the embassies can create very beautiful and impressive plays, as well as working well at the time of provoking fouls. To do so, when receiving a ball, press and hold the right analog R3 / RS).

Use emblazonies to provoke your opponents in PES 2019

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