PES 2019: how to play the popular game mode myClub

PES 2019 has already been released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam), and has as my boss the myClub mode, the main rival of the Ultimate Team of FIFA, where the goal is to build a team full of players and face online matches and offline. Are you starting now on the way and need a strength to understand the news? Check out the guide.

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Starting at myClub

In myClub, players start with a modest team, with only low level athletes, and they must accumulate GPs (gaming currency) to hire new players, whether by using entrepreneurs or special scouts. This coin is obtained by playing matches, completing goals and winning game tournaments.

Build your myClub team using athletes in their positions

Once you select your starting trainer, you will need to scale your players. It is important to position each player in one of the positions in which he can act, to prevent them from having a performance drop. As you play more matches with your team, they become more involved and efficient.

Tactics are also an important part of the game, and let's you customize your team's behavior on the pitch, as well as details such as who takes fouls, corner kicks and is the team captain.

Hiring players

In the "Contract" tab, you can spend your GPs and myClub Coins to hire new players. Entrepreneurs cost a fixed amount of coins, and guarantee a player of the quality informed, shown in a list of targets. In addition to traditional versions (Better Business), you can also take advantage of temporary offers that increase your chances of getting better players.

Use Entrepreneurs to get new players in PES 2019 myClub

For PES 2019, Konami included the special Time of the Week cards, which bring turbinate versions of players, according to their performance in the real fields. Legends, past stars present in myClub, can also be achieved by Entrepreneurs, and are among the most desired in the game.

Another way to hire players is by using the Scouts, which can be combined into groups of up to three to focus on a rather reduced list of players. These scouts are received for free after each match of myClub, but can also be purchased at the game auctions.

It is also possible to hire players in myClub using scouts

Turbinating your team

One of the coolest functions of myClub is the ability to improve the level of your players, who gain attribute points and become better during matches. At the end of the games each participating athlete will receive an XP bonus, which can be combined with special training to boost their players. In "Clubhouse", simply select "Training" to turn players you no longer use into Preparers, which increase the XP of the chosen athlete.

Use training to evolve your players on myClub

Each coach of myClub also has its own fixed formation, and imposes its tactics and style of play to its team. New coaches can be purchased in the contract tab, and allow you to have a range of trainings. Each has a Management Skill number (which can be augmented with special items), which allows you to accumulate more high-level players in the team without losing performance.

Hire new coaches on myClub to increase the capacity of your team

The game modes

Among the game modes of myClub are the Rankings for Ranking, which work as the competitive game of PES 2019. After completing the 10 placing practices, you can start playing games by PES League, which accumulates points weekly for a ranking, and guarantees excellent prizes at the end of each period. There is still a simulation mode where you do not need to control your team.

Ranking matches are the main mode of the PES 2019 myClub

Another game option is the News menu, which debuted in PES 2019. In it you will find several alternatives of Online and Offline Cups, where you can face your opponents and win prizes such as Special Entrepreneurs and and GPs packages.

Menu News brings online and offline cups on PES 2019 myClub

Finally, myClub Coop lets you team up with up to three friends to control one team in online games against other clans. Here, each player will move athletes individually, requiring a great deal of organization and attention. The mode has its own ranking and punctuation.

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