PES 2019: Learn to customize generic uniforms and players

PES 2019 features a robust editing tool, which allows players to create faces and uniforms for game teams. This option is especially useful for correcting licensing issues with athletes and uniforms, and making the game more realistic. Check out the guide and learn how to edit players and kits in Konami's soccer game for Xbox One, PS4 and PC (Steam).

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Step 1. In the PES 2019 main menu, navigate to the "Extras" tab and select the "Edit" option;

Step 2. To edit PES 2019 generic athletes, click on "Players";

Step 3. Choose the "Edit Player" option to proceed to the screen. Select the league and team where the athlete is in PES 2019;

Player "in the PES 2019 menu

Step 4. Find the player you want to edit in the list and click on it to access the customization screen;

Select which player you want to change in PES 2019

Step 5. Players with generic names can be renamed with their real names in the "Player Name" option, where you can also change the narration for that athlete and the name on the shirt;

Change the player's name in PES 2019

Step 6. In the "Appearance" option, change details such as face, skin color, eyes, hairstyles and hair color. It is possible to select predefined faces or even to model the face of the athlete in a very detailed way;

Face adjustment, beard, hairstyle and other details of the player in PES 2019

Step 7. The models of famous brands boots used by professional players are also available in PES 2019, and can be chosen for each of the players of the game;

Also you can use several models of soccer boots in PES 2019 players

Step 8. Another legal possibility for PES 2019 is to create your own uniforms for unlicensed teams in the game. To do this, in the editing menu click on Times;

Step 9. In Team Name, enter the correct data, including an abbreviated version (shown on the scoreboard) and the name used by the commentators during the matches;

Choose a team to change and modify your name in PES 2019

Step 9. Creative players can use the editor to recreate the uniforms of their favorite teams using hundreds of templates available on PES 2019, ranging from prints and stripes to details quite similar to those used by sports suppliers;

In the uniforms area, use the templates to create the uniforms of PES 2019 teams

Step 10. The PlayStation 4 and PC versions of PES 2019 offer the option of importing external files into the game. The PESMaster site offers a very competent uniforms creation tool, where you can add sponsor logos and even use real shirts templates;

In PESMaster it is possible to create uniforms for PS4 and PC versions of PES 2019

Step 11. Another popular option among players is to find ready-made uniforms created by the PES 2019 community (a quick search on Google will reveal several models). These files can be imported into the PS4 and PC versions, and are very realistic for gamers.

To import the shirts, add them to a folder renamed as "WEPES" (without quotation marks, on a USB stick in case of PS4), go to the edit menu and choose Data Management> Import / Export> Import Images> Uniforms.

Choose the uniform that you have downloaded / created, select the team of PES 2019 that will receive the new Kit, and it will be applied to the game.

It is also easy to find very realistic versions of the PES 2019 uniforms on the internet

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