PES 2019: learn how to download the demo of the new soccer game

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 received its demo version, released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Free, the show has 12 teams, including Brazilians Palmeiras, Flamengo and São Paulo, as well as European giants like Barcelona and Liverpool and the national teams of France and Argentina. Have not tried the Konami football novogame yet? Check out the guide on how to download the demo.

PES 2019 will have demo with Brazilian teams in August for PS4 and Xbox One

PES 2019 - Gameplay demo version of the game

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Playstation 4

Step 1. On your PlayStation 4, go to the store, select games and then Demo to access the PSN demos list;

Access the Demo on PSN to find the demo of PES 2019

Step 2. In the demo list, find PES 2019 and click X on it to access your page in the PlayStation 4 store;

Find the PES 2019 demo at the PS4 Store

Step 3. Click on the Try Free Demo button to enable the download of PES 2019 to your PS4. The game is just under 4 GB, and will be ready to play after the download.

Click the button below the image of PES 2019 to download

Xbox one

Step 1. From the Xbox One menu, use RB to get to the Store tab, and click Search to search for PES 2019 on the console. Enter "Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Demo;

Go to the Xbox One Store and click Search to find the PES 2019 demo.

Step 2. Find the demo version and click A on it to access the game page in the Xbox One Store;

Search for PES 2019 Demo to find the trial version on Xbox One

Step 3. Click the "Acquire" button to start downloading the Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 demo on your Xbox One. After the download, just click A on Play to run the game.

Click the button to download and play the PES 2019 demo on your Xbox One

PC (Steam)

Step 1. On Steam, log in with your account, and then go to the Valve Platform demos page (click here);

Step 2. Select the PES 2019 from the list and click on it to open your page on Steam;

Step 3. At the bottom of the screen, click the green "Download" button to start downloading the Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 demo on your computer.

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