PES 2019 Mobile: check out tips to get it right in the game

PES 2019 Mobile is the new free version for Android and IOS of the game of soccer of Konami. With renewed graphics and gameplay, the game is even more realistic and looks like the PC and console version, especially in myClub mode. Check out our tips to get started in the game and develop quickly.

PES 2019 Mobile is released for Android and iPhone

Log in every day

Like other online games, PES 2019 Mobile has a system that rewards players for their assiduity in the game. Remember to run the game on your smartphone at least once a day to collect your rewards and receive more and more valuable items.

Sign in daily to collect rewards

Enable advanced commands

Advanced commands are the most practical and efficient way to play PES 2019 Mobile. With few touches and commands, it is very easy to perform all the movements without getting lost between buttons and digital levers. Be sure to experience the way to boost your performance.

Enable advanced commands in PES 2019 Mobile

Play events and campaigns

In addition to online matches and against friends, PES 2019 Mobile has a robust campaign and event system, where you can play games against the CPU and receive great prizes. Keep an eye on the screens dedicated to the modes to check the updates and not miss the opportunities.

Play campaigns and special events on PES 2019 Mobile

Use the training space

The training space is the ideal place to experience advanced commands and moves with peace of mind. In addition to free mode, you can configure various elements, such as charge collections, marker players, and other options.

Use the PES 2019 Mobile training space

Reinforce your team with new players

Just like in myClub, in PES 2019 Mobile the goal is to create a powerful team, using great football stars. When joining GPS or coins, invest in special entrepreneurs to get new athletes for your team.

Invest GPs and coins in new players in PES 2019 Mobile

Choose the right coach

In PES 2019 Mobile, coaches are responsible for the training and style of play of their team. Before you choose a new coach, watch out for the positions used in your scheme, and how your players will fit into the vacancies.

Choose a coach that fits your style of play in PES 2019 Mobile

Improve Your Players

Do you have unused athletes on your team? A good way to use them is to turn them into preparers, which can be used by your best players to improve their attributes. Note that players in the same position earn additional points during training, and that athletes turned into coaches can no longer be used in the games.

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