Philips Smart TV does not connect to Wi-Fi? See possible causes and solutions

If your Philips smart TV does not connect to the Internet, even if it identifies Wi-Fi, be aware that you can try to solve the problem with some procedures. Among the options, it could be that the cause is in the router or even in the network configuration established in the connection.

In the following list, see what can be done if the connection of your Philips smart TV does not work or is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network. If none of the options are correct, it is best to seek expert assistance.

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Here's how to solve the connection problem of your Philips smart TV

Check the operation of the router

Something quite common when the Internet does not work on smart TV - and even other electronics - it is the user to think that the problem is in the device. However, there is also the possibility that the cause of the error is actually being on the router.

To ensure that you are not looking for the wrong location solution, see if the router is working correctly, if the cables are securely connected, and the required lights are on.

See if the problem is not on your router

Update the smart TV operating system

If your router is operating normally, the problem is likely to be on your television. One possible solution is to upgrade the Philips smart TV operating system. In many cases, as manufacturers are always performing updates on their devices, it is common for the OS to be out of date, making updating necessary. This is quite common, especially in older TVs.

The update can be done through a computer via pendrive. To find out how, here's how to properly upgrade a Philips smart TV.

Reconfigure Network Settings

Another interesting point is to be aware of the configuration of your Internet. Sometimes the router happens to be working, the television can find and connect to Wi-Fi, but when you use the Internet, the network becomes unavailable.

To ensure that "communication" between the devices - smart TV and router - is being performed correctly, check the settings set in the network settings. This information can be found in the "Settings" tab of your television. When you find it, see if the data matches those defined for your Internet connection.

Reconfigure the network data of your Philips smart TV

Test the Internet with other devices

An important tip to confirm if the problem is even on your smart TV is to test the connection on other devices. If the Internet works on your cell phone, notebook, or some other electronic device, that means the problem really is in connecting your Wi-Fi to your television.

However, even if another device can not connect to the Internet, it is very likely that the problem is even with the TV.

Refer servicing to qualified service

Now if even after following all the above tips your smart TV does not connect to the Internet, it is most advisable to seek the support of your television. So they will make the diagnosis to find out what the real cause of the problem is. In general, service contact is available in the box and in the product manual.

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