Photo Grid: crop photos of animals or friends to use as a mask

Photo Grid lets you create masks from photos of people or animals saved in your gallery. The feature, available in the iPhone app (iOS) and on Android phones, is useful for applying stickers with self-trimmed faces. In this way, it is possible to make montages with photos of friends, pets and celebrities.

After creating a mask, the app automatically applies the image on the user's face with the use of facial recognition technology. Here's how to step-by-step how to use the feature on your smartphone.

Tutorial shows how to create masks for selfies using the Photo Grid application

How to create posters with your photos using Photo Grid frames

Step 1. Open Photo Grid on your phone and touch the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. Then touch the scissors icon to continue.

Path to access the PhotoGrid app's face-trimming tool

Step 2. Touch the "+" icon and choose a photo from the mobile library to import into the face trimming tool.

Action to import a photo into PhotoGrid to create a mask

Step 3. Tweeze your fingers to enlarge the photo on the screen. Use a finger to circle the face joining the two ends of the white line. You can help the cut by touching areas of the line and pushing it into the face. When trimming is adjusted, touch the "Done" button.

Action to crop a person's face into a photo to create a mask with PhotoGrid

Step 4. By pointing the camera to your face, the mask will automatically be applied through the face detection system. You can use the tweezer movement with your fingers to adjust its size. To take the photo, touch the white circle icon at the bottom of the screen. With the image created, touch the "Save" button. The photo will be sent to the mobile phone library.

Action to use a mask created with the PhotoGrid app

Step 5. If you want to send to a friend or post on social networks, just use the sharing icons.

Sharing options for an edited photo in PhotoGrid

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