Planning your Instagram feed with the A Color Story application

The Color Story app is an image editor for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) that also helps to organize Instagram and plan the entire publication feed. The software is useful mainly for those who want to order the posts according to the tonality or with images that complement each other. The app allows you to test how the social network grid will look without having to create fake accounts for tests, for example.

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Here's how to use A Color Story to plan the Instagram feed. Learn how to organize the order of images, the publication calendar, and the captions for each image. By being also an editor, the app allows you to adjust all the photos before posting, with special effects for the social network.

Color Story helps organize your Instagram feed and remind you of important publications

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Step 1. When opening the A Color Story app and touch on the "Grid" option. If you have not yet connected your Instagram account to the application, go to "Connect Instagram" and enter login and password;

Step 2. After logging in with your Instagram profile, the application will display how your image grid is. To start planning for the next posts, click the "+" symbol in the bottom bar of the screen and in the phone gallery, choose the first photo to insert into the organization. Soon after the choice it will appear on the grid;

After opening your Instagram photos, choose an image from the gallery and start organizing the grid

Step 3. Add as many images as you like to compose your post planning. The photos will enter the grid according to the upload order. To organize them best, press your finger on the image and drag it to the place and want it to be on your profile;

Add as many photos as you want to plan for upcoming Instagram publications

Step 4. To schedule a reminder for a post, touch a photo. On the page that opens, select the clock icon from the bottom menu. Choose which day and time you want A Color Story to send a notification about the publication to your cell phone;

Add a date and time to receive a reminder from the post

Step 5. If you want to check out your entire publishing schedule, go back to the grid in the app and the calendar icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. The page will display a list of posts scheduled for each week;

To check the schedule of posts click on the calendar icon in A Color Story

Step 6. On the day and time scheduled for each post, A Color Story will send a notification alerting you about the schedule. It is possible to publish from the application itself or preview the post before sending it to the social network.

When you receive the reminder, post it from the app, or check the preview of the post

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