Plugin in Google Chrome hides all YouTube comments

No more trolls. Chrome users can use the Hide Fedora extension to hide comments on Youtube videos. The plugin has the default "Hide" tool and the function that allows you to create a list of forbidden words that will be hidden automatically - and you no longer need to be exposed to them. Also, a fun feature called "Replace fedora with a cat" replaces the inappropriate comment by a cat's meow (Meow meow). Here's how to use the extension in the browser and make your day less irritating.

Chrome extension lets you view videos without accessing YouTube

Get to know and try out the Chrome Plugin that hides all YouTube comments

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Step 1. Access the Hide Fedora extension page in the Chrome Web Store and click the "Use in Chrome" button;

Starting the installation of the Fedora Hide extension

Step 2. Next, authorize the installation by clicking the "Add Extension" button;

Authorizing the installation of the Fedora Hide extension

Step 3. By default, the extension will already be hiding the unwanted comments. But if you want to change some aspects of this function, right-click the plugin icon. In the menu that will be displayed, click the "Options" item;

Accessing Extension Options

Step 4. On the "Options" tab, click the arrow below the "Fedora removal method" and choose one of the options from the list. The default method is "Hide", which only hides inappropriate comments. To make things fun, change this option to "Replace fedora with a cat";

Setting the Replace / Hide Type of Comments

Step 5. If you want to add some banned word for the extension to consider the inappropriate comment, go to the "Banned Words" tab. Just type the word or term and then click the "Add" button;

Adding Forbidden Words

Step 6. As a result, inappropriate comments will appear with the title "Replaced with a cat" and the phrase "Meow meow".

Viewing a Replaced Comment

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