Pokémon GO: how to battle friends in PvP mode

GO Pokémon received an update on iOS and Android that allows combat between players, the so-called "PvP" system, or "Player versus Player". Coach Battles are in real time, but with pre-programmed strokes. Learn how to use the PvP system and fight against people on your friends list. Check out the steps:

Pokémon GO: all about the Trainer Battles

First of all, know that you need to have at least "Ultra-friendship" or "Unique friendship" with a person on your friends list to battle without restriction of distance. in the region - you just have to read each other's coaching code, and you can also train battles against team leaders - Valor, Instinct or Mystic, but with them it's just a type of training and there are no big rewards .

How to use the Pokémon GO PvP to battle with friends

To battle with your friends, do the following:

Step 1. Open the player's menu by touching the character's photo;

Go to the player menu

Step 2. Select "Friends";

Touch the 'Friends' tab

Step 3. Choose the friend against whom you want to fight;

Choose the friend you want to fight

Step 4. Touch the "Battle" option;

Touch the 'Battle' icon

Step 5. Choose the League: Large, Ultra or Master, according to the combat points of the Pokémon you will use in the team;

Select the Preferred League

Step 6. Touch "Let's Battle" to confirm;

Confirm the battle in 'Let's Battle!'

Step 7. Select the Pokémon team - at most three - and touch "Use this team";

Choose the three Pokémon you want to use

Step 8. Wait for the other person to respond to the challenge;

Wait for the opponent to confirm the challenge

Step 9. The battle will begin normally. To fight, it's like in gyms: tap the screen quickly to attack;

Tap the screen repeatedly so that the Pokémon attacks

Step 10. When the loaded attack is available, tap the screen repeatedly to increase the power of the hit;

Use charged attack when available

Step 11. When the enemy uses a charged attack against your Pokémon, you will have the option to protect yourself with a shield - but attention: it's only two shields the entire fight. Use with strategy;

Defend yourself with the protective shield

At the end of the battle, collect the rewards and return to the initial menu. There are no battle limits per day. To fight again, simply repeat the above steps.