Pokémon Let's Go: How to Beat the Gym Leaders and the Pokémon League

Pokémon Let's Go - Pikachu & Eevee Edition is the first game in the classic franchise mold for Nintendo Switch. Despite implementing the mechanics of catching Pokémon GO, the game features the traditional system of battles against trainers. As in previous titles, the goal of the game is to defeat all gym leaders and collect badges to challenge the Elite of Four and become the champion of the Pokémon League. See in our complete guide how to beat all the leaders and the Elite of the Four:

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Brock (leader of Pewter)

The first meeting with a gym leader is the easiest of all, but it serves to accustom the player with the fighting mechanics and dynamics of gyms, where each leader is expert on a different type of Pokémon. Brock attacks with a level 11 Geodude and a Level 12 Onix, so use grass, water or fighter type blasts to defeat them.

Brock commands stone monsters

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Misty (leader of Cerulean)

Things get a bit more difficult at Cerulean, at the water gymnasium run by Misty. The leader has a Psyduck level 18 and a Starmie level 19. Again, grass attacks will be super effective, but who owns the Let's Go Pikachu version can also abuse the electrical attacks to overcome the phase with facility.

Misty is the leader of the aquatic gymnasium

Lt. Surge (leader of Vermilion)

Lt. Surge is the electric leader of Vermilion, and has a team capable of electrocuting almost everyone. He attacks with a Voltorb level 25, Magnemite level 25 and Raichu level 26. Visit the caves and capture an Onix or Geodude, lightning-resistant stone monsters, to avoid the powerful electric attacks of the Pokémon of Surge.

Lt. Surge is strong with electric Pokémon

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Erika (leader of Celadon)

Owner of the most flowery gym in Kanto, Erika has three Pokémon: a Tangela level 33, Weepinbell level 33 and Vileplume level 34. If you already have some fire monster like the Arcanine, the fight is easy. Pidgey's air strikes, found early in the game, also help a lot.

Erika is master of plants

Koga (leader of Fuchsia)

Fuchsia's Koga is a very dangerous rival to his grass-type Pokémon, as his team has the poisonous Weezing level 43, Muk level 43, Golbat level 43, and Venomoth level 44, all with super effective blows to plants. It is a good idea to counter-attack with land-based hits, such as Diglet's.

Koga has poisonous little monsters

Sabrina (leader of Saffron)

Psychic Pokémon are the strongest type of the first generation, which makes Sabrina one of the biggest challenges in the game. She has a Mr. Mime level 43, Slowbro level 43, Jynx level 43, and Alakazam level 44. To conquer, strengthen an Insect, Dark or Phantom-type monsters, the psychic's weaknesses.

Sabrina commands the psychic Pokémon

Blaine (leader of Cinnabar Island)

Blaine's team is very strong and focused on creatures of fire, such as their Magmar level 47, Rapidash 47, Ninetales 47 and Arcanine 48. At this point in the campaign you must already have several Water monsters, so just use strong water blows, such as Waterfall or Surf to drown Blaine's team.

Blaine's team is of fire creatures

Giovanni (leader of Viridian)

The last of the gym leaders also offers the greatest of challenges with your team. Giovanni attacks with a Dugtrio level 49, Nidoqueen level 49, Nidoking level 49 and Rhydon level 50. To win, use grass-type, flying or insect-type attacks. A strong Venusaur is enough to win the entire team of the leader smoothly.

Giovanni, leader of equpe Rocket, commands a ground gym

Lorelei (Elite of the Four)

Master of Ice Pokémon, Lorelei has a Dewgong level 51, Jynx level 51, Cloyster level 51, Slowbro level 51 and Lapras level 52. Have in your team a Pokémon of Fire, like the Charizard or one of Water, as the Blastoise for to have super effective blows against Lorelei.

Lorelei's team is an Ice Pokémon

Bruno (Elite of the Four)

Bruno abuses physical strength and attacks with his team of fighters, which has an Onix level 52, Hitmonlee level 52, Hitmonchan level 52, Poliwrath level 52 and Machamp level 53. To not catch, use a poisonous, flying or psychic little monster. Just remember that psychics like Alakazam usually have a very low defense.

Bruno represents the freaky little monsters

Agatha (Elite of the Four)

Agatha has a very strong Poison Pokémon team: Arbok level 53, Gengar level 53, Golbat level 53, Weezing level 53 and Gengar level 54. Just use the same tactic of the battle against Koga in Fuchsia and abuse of the Terrestrial type blows.

Agatha trains a team of poisonous Pokémon

Lance (Elite of the Four)

Only Master of the Dragon type Pokémon, Lance attacks with a level 54, Aerodactyl level 54, Gyarados level 54, Charizard level 54 and Dragonite level 55. You can counterattack with another dragon, such as Dragonite, or preferably with ice attacks of Lapras.

Lance is the leader of the Elite Four with dragon type pokemon

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