Pokémon Quest: learn how to play the new game from Nintendo

Pokémon Quest is the new game from the popular Nintendo franchise, launched for free for Android, iOS and Switch. With a pixelated look and all 151 first-generation little monsters, the game is a great choice for fans of the series who are looking for a fast and addictive experience. Check out the guide on how to play the new title.

Learn all about Pokémon Quest, the new free game of Switch and mobile phones

To start your journey in Pokémon Quest, you must choose one of the available Pokémon. Note that each of them have different attributes and attacks, HP being their hit points and ATK their power to deal damage. These skills can be improved with your advancement through the game campaign;

Choose your starting Pokemon Quest

The battles of Pokémon Quest are practically automatic. Your Pokémon will constantly attack opponents, and you can also use special abilities, positioned at the bottom of the screen, to deal extra damage or create effects. Note that these abilities have recharge time;

Use special attacks to beat your opponents in Pokémon Quest

At the end of each of the Pokémon Quest missions, you will receive various items, which may be ingredients or stones. These items are an important part of your progress in the game, and are very valuable in boosting your little monsters and team;

At the end of each quest, you'll get new items in Pokémon Quest

The ingredients can be used to cook several types of recipes on the game map. These foods serve to attract different types of Pokémon, who can become your friends and join your team;

Use the collected materials to cook dishes and attract new Pokémon

Try different combinations of ingredients to discover new Pokémon species. When you unlock new monsters, visit the "Edit Team" menu and move them to your active team, to use them during the missions of the game;

Reinforce your Pokémon Quest team with new little monsters

The special stones at the end of each mission can also be applied to your Pokémon to make them stronger. Each has a different effect, such as boosting HP, improving attacks or recovering life. As your Pokémon level up, they gain more space to carry items;

Add Items to Your Pokémon to Improve Your Attributes

Expeditions are the main missions of Pokémon Quest, and become more difficult with the passing of the game. In them you must defeat predetermined waves of enemies, which may include stronger versions of some monsters or even bosses, who are much more resistant and dangerous;

Continue with Pokémon Quest Expeditions to improve your rewards

In more complicated duels, be sure to use the escape ability (orange icon on the right side of the screen). With it your Pokémon will run away from the enemy quickly, allowing you to recharge your abilities and avoid special blows from the opponent;

Fugir is an option in difficult battles of Pokémon Quest

A cool option to not pause your progress even when you can not play is the Auto tool (orange button on the left side of the screen), which when activated will cause your Pokémon to automatically battle and use their abilities when needed;

Enable Auto mode to automatically face opponents in Pokémon Quest

As you go through the missions and complete challenges offered by Pokémon Quest, new prizes will be unlocked. These rewards are in the "Quest" tab, and may contain very useful and valuable items, so be sure to collect them whenever possible.

Collect your rewards for quests and challenges in Pokémon Quest

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