PokerStars: How to play freeroll matches that do not use real money

PokerStars is an application launched for PC (Windows and MacOS), Android and iOS that allows you to play online poker against players from all over the world. With it you can play simple matches and even complete tournaments with both big prizes and free prizes. Learn with our guide how to play and have fun without having to bet real money:

PokerStars: see how to play well in the online poker network

In addition to promoting tournaments, PokerStars plans to launch a virtual reality platform to make its game more immersive, the PokerStars VR, with no release date yet. Currently the project is in closed beta with only 100 guests, who play on Oculus Rift, HTC Live and Steam. A video preview of the new mode has already been released.

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Step 1. Freeroll tables and tournaments are great options for training your poker skills without risking betting on real money. Still, the entire PokerStars economy revolves around chips, the virtual money of the platform using in every game.

The PokerStars economy works with free and paid chips

Even in freeroll tournaments you have to bet chips, but they are given away free of charge every day in any version of the game you want to play, whether on Android, iOS or PC. The chips can also be acquired with microtransactions, but this is not necessary to play, as we will explain below;

Step 2. To get more free chips, just click the "free chips" button or the "win chips" icon, present in the versions for smartphones, exactly as indicated in the image below.

Click the buttons above to earn free chips

By clicking the "win chips" button you need to watch commercials to be awarded chips. It's a good idea to rack up a few hundred thousand chips before you start playing because some tournaments have high buy-ins and chips are always welcome at limitless betting tables;

Step 3. Already properly equipped with tokens, it is very easy to find free games in freeroll model. First click on the "poker" tab at the top of the screen, which will open a new window with all available game modes, as shown in this image:

You can set up a PokerStars game any way you like

In it you can use several filters to find exactly the type of game you want to participate, including filtering the start time of the match by clicking on the "starting at" field;

Step 4. To find freerolls you need to click on "buy in", which means the price of entry into the tournaments, which will open the following window:

in "

In doing so, PokerStars will display all available entry options. Scroll down the screen until you find the freeroll option, and then mark it. This will show all freeroll matches available for you to start playing;

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Step 5. If you do not want to play a full freeroll tournament, use the "Sit & Go" tab to play on only one simple table, in which you can also apply the filters explained above without any differences other than the game structure.

The freeroll can also be played at a single poker table

Here you can also choose between the different modes of poker in the "game" tab. The most famous poker of the moment is Texas Hold'em, in which the player receives only two cards per hand.

Unique tables are great training places

If you've never played poker in a lifetime, getting into single tables is a good idea to train and understand the rules, as they are always available and usually concentrate less experienced players.

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