Postgrain for Instagram: see how the site works to schedule post

Postgrain is an online service for account management from Instagram that allows, among other features, to schedule posts. The platform allows you to create and schedule publications in both the feed and Stories. The site offers free sign-up login, but some tools are only available for paid subscribers.

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Postgrain allows, for example, multiple administrators to access the same account, so it is ideal for business profiles, artists and public people. Management is secure and the account can be unlinked from the service at any time. Check out the following tutorial on how to use Postgrain to manage your Instagram account from your computer without having to use the social network app on your phone.

Tutorial shows how to use Postgrain to manage your Instagram account through the PC

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How to create a Postgrain account

Step 1. Access the service website and press the yellow button that reads "Test for free";

Action to start a free trial on the Postgrain online service

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Step 2. Fill in the registration area with your data and confirm the action in "Register".

Action to create a Postgrain service account for Instagram management

How to add an Instagram account to Postgrain

Step 1. When starting the service already logged in, press the "Add Profile" option;

Action to access the tool to add an Instagram profile to Postgrain

Step 2. Enter your access data to Instagram and press "Enter" on your keyboard so that your Instagram account is associated with Postgrain.

Action to add an Instagram user profile to Postgrain

Postgrein Tools

Step 1. The initial tab, called "Overview", presents preliminary data about your Instagram activity detected by Postgrain. Go to "New Post" in the left sidebar;

Postgrain service home screen with tools to manage Instagram

Step 2. The post tool allows you to attach images or videos, set captions, geographic location, add hashtags, and disable comments in posts. Postgrain also offers sharing options with other social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. Scroll down to see more options;

Tool to schedule posts on Instagram via the online Postgrain service

Step 3. Scheduled posts need to have their scheduling set. Note that it is possible to set the date and time before using the "Schedule" button;

Action to schedule Instagram posts using the Postgrain online service

Step 4. The "New Album" tool allows you to attach up to 10 images to use in a post. As with the previous option, this feature also allows you to schedule your posts. Press the "New Story" option in the left side column;

Tool to post photo albums in Instagram with the online Postgrain service

Step 5. The "New Story" option allows you to attach images and videos and links (for accounts that have sufficient followers to access this functionality). You can also schedule the sharing of the story. Access the "Repost" option;

Instagram Stories Scheduling Tool in Postgrain Online Service

Step 6. As the name indicates, the "Repost" function allows you to replenish an existing social network publication in Instagram. Paste the copied link from the post to the location indicated for the service to recognize the share. In this way, Postgrain will share the original media and legend;

Tool to insert links to refuel in Instagram using the online service Postgrain

Step 7. The "Publications" tool allows you to manage posts made with Postgrain. The tool allows you to edit and delete shares. Press the "Direct Messages" option;

Instagram post management screen made with Postgrain online service

Step 8. The option for direct message is available only to users who have one of the paid Postgrain plans;

Instagram Direct Message Screen in Postgrain Online Service

Step 9. The "Notifications" tab displays the alerts of actions of other users received in the profile. Select "Interactions";

Instagram News Tool for Postgrain Online Service

Step 10. The interaction tool shows the performance of the profile in your publications, new followers and growth in people's engagement with posts. To continue, click the "Profile Settings" option;

Instagram Performance Reporting Screen in Postgrain Online Service

Step 11. The settings allow you to remove or disable an Instagram profile synchronized with Postgrain.

Actions to remove or add an Instagram account to the Postgrain online service

Use the tips to manage personal or business Instagram accounts with Postgrain.

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