Premiere Play: How to download and use the app to watch live games

The Premiere Play application lets you watch 2018 Brazilian Championship games live on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. The tool transmits the pay-TV channel programming in real time, with matches from the Brazilian series A and B, best bids from past games and also sends alerts with the beginning of the transmissions. The application download is free, but to access the content, you must subscribe to a closed TV package.

From the platform, the fan can also select his team from the heart, so that the Premiere allocates part of the subscription price to the club. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to download and use the main functions of Premiere Play. The step-by-step was done on an iPhone 7, but the procedures follow the same layout on Google devices.

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Premiere Play broadcasts Brasileirão games on mobile

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How to download the Premiere Play app

On the iPhone

Step 1. Go to the Premiere Play page on, select the "iOS" option and click the "Download" button to be directed to the App Store. Finally, click the "Get" button.

Download the Premiere Play app for iPhone

On android

Step 1. Go to the Premiere Play page on, select the "Android" option and click the "Download" button to be directed to the Google Play Store. Then go to "Install".

Download the Premiere Play app on Android devices

How to sign in

Step 1. Access the "Account" tab and tap the "Enter" button. Then select whether you want to access from the closed operator's login and password or with your account;

Enter subscription TV or account information on to access Premiere Play

Step 2. Enter your data and end in "Enter". Another option is to use application integration with Facebook.

Login and password to enter Premiere Play

How to watch games

Step 1. Tap the play icon on the home page to watch real-time programming;

Watch real-time games with Premiere Play on mobile

Step 2. To see the next disputes that will be transmitted, select the "Games" tab and then access the list in "Next". To receive an alert about the start of that match, touch the bell icon above each game;

Be warned of future matches with Premiere Play app notifications

Step 3. To see the best moments from past games, select the "Closed" tab, and then go to "See how it went". Tap a video to watch the excerpt. A list below shows other times of the match;

See the best moments of games that have already happened with the Premiere Play app

Step 4. You can see each team's rank and information as substitutions, cards and scorers by clicking on "Climbing";

Premiere Play shows starting lineup

Step 5. To switch between the first and second division of the league, touch the vertical stripes option in the upper right corner. Then choose the desired competition;

First and second division matches of the Brazilian Championship are broadcast on Premiere Play

Video quality

Step 1. To change the video quality, go to the "Account" tab, and then select "Video Quality". Choose whether you want to see games with high, medium, or low image quality.

Change the quality of videos streamed on Premiere Play

Heart Time

Step 1. To choose your heart team and assign part of the subscription amount to the club, go to the "Account" tab and touch the team field. Then select "Edit Subscriber Time";

Premiere allocates part of the subscription value to users' times

Step 2. Enter the state and city, select your heart team and end in "Send".

Select your heart team for Premiere to help the club

Ready. Enjoy the tips, explore the Premiere Play app, and do not miss any matches from your favorite team.

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