PS4 has bug in message locking console, know how to solve

A bug hit PS4 users in the last days of the console crash. The error happened through a mysterious message delivered by the PlayStation Network which, when opened, freezes the console completely. Sony has already fixed the problem and has also released a firmware update, 6.02, to prevent future cases. But, if you have been affected, there is a very simple solution to recover the device from its locked state. Learn how to perform the following procedure:

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Step 1. Access the PlayStation application on your mobile phone or the official PlayStation website;

Access the PlayStation app on your phone or on the official website

Step 2. Enter your account and delete the message that caused the problem. Of course, erase all messages if you do not miss something;

Delete messages on the site

Step 3. Now go to the PS4 and start the device in safe mode. With the unit turned off, press and hold the power button until you hear a whistle followed by another. Release the button shortly after the second whistle;

Turn on the console in safe mode

Step 4. When the device restarts, choose option 5: Rebuild Database and wait for the time it takes for the console to perform the repairs;

Rebuild the device database in option 5

Just wait for the automatic process to end to restart the PS4 again, now in normal mode. It is worth remembering that the procedure does not damage the device, but must be carried out at the user's own risk.