Radio Globo live: how to listen to the station through the cell phone

Radio Globo's application transmits FM programming live on the cell phone. The listener has access to broadcasts of football matches and shows like Café das Six, Lunch and Air Talk with Otaviano Costa. You can also listen to news, podcasts and interviews, and save the audios to listen to later, as well as access the entire programming grid of the station, such as Time of Faith with Father Marcelo Rossi.

The app also lets you choose an affiliated station to listen to local programming. The cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Joinville, Campo Grande and Feira de Santana are available. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to listen to Radio Globo live on the cell phone and use the main functions of the application. The step by step was performed on an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.4.1, but the service is also available for Android devices.

Radio Globo application broadcasts live programming via mobile

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Listen to the radio and select an affiliate

Step 1. When opening the application, click the highlighted "Play" icon to start playback immediately. Touch "Other broadcasts" to open the list of affiliated broadcasters.

Radio Globo application transmits programming from affiliates scattered throughout the country

Step 2. Touch the desired city name to start playback. A graphic equalizer icon will indicate which station is tuned.

Selecting an affiliate to broadcast local Radio Globo programming on the mobile phone

View the schedule grid

Step 1. Touch the "Programming" icon in the lower menu. You will see the program grid with their respective days and times. Tap on one of them to see the description of the attraction and its old episodes.

Radio Globo App makes available the broadcast schedule

Listen and save news

Step 1. On the home page, tap on a desired news item to start the audio immediately. To save the file and listen to it later, click on the flag icon below each item. To access the list with saved audios, click the "Saved" icon in the bottom menu. Then tap on an item to start playback.

Save news to listen to later in the Globo Radio app

Listen to podcasts

Step 1. Open the "Podcasts" section in the bottom menu, and then select a program. Select an episode to play it right away.

Radio Globo application has section dedicated to podcasts

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