Ragnarok M: Eternal Love: How to get Coal Rare and complete the quest

One of the best ways to get experience in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, is by Mission Board. Most of these quests involve defeating a certain amount of monsters or photographing hidden locations. However, there are quests that require more player strategy and a bit of luck, such as the Coal Spoon mission. Check out this step-by-step tutorial to do it, as well as the top tips to make it easier.

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First, the player must reach level 26 to release the task on the Mission Board. If the mission does not appear on the board after reaching that level, complete all that appears and wait until the next day for the goals to be renewed. It is worth remembering that the Mission Board is available to all players from level 15, and it can be found on almost every game map.

Coal "to start the quest

As soon as she shows up, there is not much mystery. Just find the mission "Scoop Coal" and click on "Accept". The quest's goal summary now explains where you need to go: the Goblin Forest, west of the town of Geffen. Your goal now is to get two coals, or coals, at that location.

To do this, automate your character so that he only selects one type of monster, the Steam Goblin. The item is rare, so be prepared to spend time facing the creatures in the forest. She is the only one who awards the item at this point in time. For this tutorial, we took about half an hour to get two coals of the goblins to drop.

Program your character to only attack Steam Goblins

There are a few secrets to not spending so much time in the forest massacring enemies. The first one is to try to approach groups of players who are already facing the creatures. When participating in the action, the character also has a chance to get the item. Try to use area skills that catch other Steam Goblin in the process, the more goblins you help defeat at the same time the better.

After collecting the two Coals, the quest will ask you to deliver them to Emily in Prontera

In addition, there are other ways to speed up the process, related to the capabilities of your own character. For example, the higher your level, the higher the drop rate of the Steam Goblin item. It is also crucial to maximize the damage that your character is capable of causing the goblins. More powerful weapons or spells are important here. With great powers come great possibilities to drop the item more easily.

After delivering the coals to Emily, just go to the Mission Board and complete the mission

After this adventure through the forest of goblins, just find Emily in Prontera and deliver the coal. With the selected mission, the location where the character is is highlighted on the map. After the NPC thanks, just go to the Mission Board and receive the reward. With all XP and Zeny accumulated, now is to go on to the next mission in the world of Ragnarok.

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