Rainbow Six: Siege is free at the weekend; see how to download

Rainbow Six: Siege received a new promotional period from its producer, Ubisoft, on the PC, Xbox One and PS4. The game can be downloaded completely free between August 16 and 19. The producer further clarifies that anyone who plays in the free period can continue where he left off with all his progress if he wants to buy the title. Also multiplayer is released with friends who have the game purchased and in addition, it is still offered with 50% discount on platforms announced in the same period.

Rainbow Six: Siege: All About The Defense Operator She

Rainbow Six: Siege is the newest game in Ubisoft's popular tactical shooter game series, but this time came with power to the multiplayer genre, including a bustling electronic sports scene.

Rainbow Six: Siege is free between August 16 and 19

Learn how to download on the platforms where it is offered for free, by the simplest method, without leaving the computer:

No PS4

Step 1. Access your computer's PlayStation Store;

Access PSN in any PC browser

Step 2. In the search field, look for Rainbow Six: Siege;

Look for the Rainbow Six: Siege in the search bar

Step 3. Open the game page and click on "Complete Game Test";

complete of the game "

A PlayStation Plus account is required to complete the transaction. Then the game can be downloaded to your PS4. You can also download directly to your device.

On Xbox One

Step 1. Access the Microsoft Store on your computer;

Access the Microsoft Store from any browser on your PC

Step 2. Look for Rainbow Six: Siege;

Search for Rainbow Six: Siege in the search bar

Step 3. Inside the game page, click on "Get";

The download will take place on Xbox One, but you can also perform the same process on the console itself, inside the online store. An Xbox Live Gold account is required to play.

On the pc

On the PC there are two ways: by Steam or by uPlay, Ubisoft's own service.

In both, the process is very similar. Just go to the platform of your choice, go to the game page and download it by clicking on "Play".

The only prerequisite for these services is to have a registered account. It is not necessary to have another game or pay a monthly service fee online.