Red Dead Redemption 2 Codes: How to Unlock Game Cheats

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the new action franchise game in the West West of Rockstar, the same developer of GTA. Released for PS4 and Xbox One, Red Dead 2 is one of the most acclaimed game of 2018, and features several cheats to make it even more fun. Check out all the tricks already discovered and how to enable them.

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How Cheats Work

The cheat codes work a little differently in Red Dead Redemption 2. They are phrases that need to be typed in a menu of their own, but some of them also have external requirements to function, as we will explain below. To access the cheat menu pause the game, then choose Settings / Settings and press triangle on the PS4 or Y on the Xbox One in order to enter the codes.

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Cheats make the game even more fun, but prevent the recording and trophies

Remember that there is a catch: you are prevented from recording the game after connecting any cheat code, so never do it in the middle of quests or activities with which you want to obtain achievements and trophies, since they are also disabled whenever a code is activated.

Cheats without requirements

All tricks quoted in this text should be typed exactly as indicated below, respecting punctuation marks and spaces. However, the uppercase and lowercase letters do not matter and can be ignored. At any time, enter exactly the codes that are in bold:

  • Dead Eye at level 3 immediately: I shall be better
  • Dead Eye at level 5 immediately: I seek and I Find
  • Recharge health, Dead Eye and stamina: You flourish before you die
  • Call the horse from any distance: Better than my dog
  • Getting drunk immediately: A fool on command
  • Generate racehorse: Run! Run! Run!
  • Generate carriage with horse: Keep your dreams simple

In addition to carriages, cheats also allow you to call the horse from anywhere on the map

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Cheats with requirements

The cheats below work a bit differently from the previous ones, because it is not enough just to enter the text in the menu of cheats. In addition, you must meet small requirements and overcome some stages of the main campaign. See the codes, their effects, and the following requirements, again typing exactly the text that we put in bold to activate the tricks:

  • Infinite ammunition: Abundance is the dullest desire (in Chapter 1, buy the 27th edition of the New Hanover Gazette in Valentine)
  • Add heavy weapons to inventory: Greed is American Virtue (in chapter 3, get the paper as soon as you complete the "Advertising, the New American Art" mission)
  • Open the full map: You Long for Sight but See Nothing (buy the paper after completing the mission "Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern")
  • Increase honor: Virtue Unearned is not virtue (in chapter 4, buy a newspaper after completing the "Urban Pleasures" or "Urban Pleasures" mission)
  • Stamina unlimited: The lucky be strong evermore (buy a newspaper after completing chapter 5)
  • Fortify energy, stamina and Dead Eye: You Seek More Than The World Offers (in chapter 6, buy a newspaper after completing the mission "The King's Son" or "The King's Son")
  • Generate a war horse: You are a beast built for war (after completing the campaign epilogue, buy the newspaper)
  • Create a circus wagon: Would you be happier as a clown? (after completing the campaign epilogue, buy the newspaper)

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