Red Dead Redemption 2: How to use fast travel in the game

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the action game in the Wild West released by Rockstar for Xbox One and PS4. The sequence of Red Dead Redemption has an even bigger map full of features and possibilities. Check out the tutorial below how to improve your camp so you can make quick trips and save time on your adventure through the game.

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It is not possible to travel quickly until you begin chapter 2 of the campaign and make some improvements to your camp's camp. Do not worry, this is a natural part of the story and you just have to progress naturally.

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Play the story up to Chapter 2 to free the camp

Step 1. So, the first thing you need to do is play until you complete the "Money Lending and Other Sins" mission;

Step 2. Only after completing this phase will you be able to improve your flock's camp, which can be done by visiting the hut next to the pack's donation box.

In camp, invest in improvements in housing

In the cabin, your goal is to select the "Lodgings" to improve. Focus your attention especially on the tent of the Dutch, as we explain below;

Step 3. Improving Dutch lodgings will be useful to motivate other members of the pack to also make contributions, and will also unlock the possibility of purchasing the map upgrade that allows for quick travel.

Save your money to buy the map improvement for 325 dollars

Improving Dutch housing costs $ 220, and the map improvement costs $ 325. It is the second option in the list of improvements, so save money early in the game to be able to buy both features;

Step 4. Once you've made the improvements, whenever you want to take a quick trip, you'll have to go to the back of Arthur's tent and open the map of the game.

When making a quick trip, your horse will go along

Select an already visited place and you will go there with your main horse immediately. Be sure to keep your horse alive and healthy so you can explore the map more peacefully;

Step 5. Another way to make quick trips is by carriages, which can be hired at any time off of story mode activated missions. In practically all cities and ranches there are signs with carriage announcements.

If you want to rest your horse, travel by carriage in the cities

Just interact with them to travel to any other place you've visited before. If the card has a lock symbol, this indicates that the carriage is unavailable. The problem can easily be solved by dismounting from his horse or by clearing his name and reputation, for chariots do not attend law-enforced thugs;

Step 6. Places marked with envelopes icon serve to pay Wanted rewards, but also to buy train tickets, another way to quickly move around the map.

If you are not wanted by justice, buy a train trip to legally travel

In addition to being cheaper than paying for carriages, the train can transport you to any other station on the map, which is useful for reaching far away points inaccessible by other methods.

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