Releasing ads in Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been awarded a built-in ad blocker for the past week and is now available in browser version 64. The native feature is to prevent intrusive banner ads from being played on web pages. The locking system is enabled by default, but you can manually adjust it to be completely disabled from the browser. See the following tutorial on disabling Chrome's ad control mechanism.

Chrome 64: See new Google browser functions

Step 1. To disable Chrome's ad blocker, first visit your browser settings.

Access Google Chrome settings by clicking the three-dot icon next to the address bar

Step 2. Then scroll the page to the footer and click "Advanced".

Access advanced browser settings

Step 3. Select the "Content Settings" option.

Select the Chrome content menu to access the ad settings

Step 4. Below pop-ups, click on "Ads".

Access the ad blocker in Google Chrome settings

Step 5. The off switch indicates that intrusive ads are blocked. Click on it to release the advertisements and continue using a solution via extension.

Turn the key to turn off the blocker and allow ads in Chrome

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to disable Chrome ad blocking.

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