Removing and inserting the battery in the HP notebook

Knowing how to remove and replace your HP notebook battery is essential for a variety of situations. The procedure is useful not only to perform the component exchange, but also to solve problems of plugging or even failure to detect the battery by the laptop.

The way to remove and insert varies according to the manufacturer. On brand models with removable battery, the step-by-step is practically identical on all lines. If you have an HP notebook and want to learn how to properly take the part, follow the directions in the tutorial below.

Entering and Updating the BIOS of an HP Notebook PC

Here's how to remove and insert the battery in an HP notebook.

Step 1. Disconnect the charger cable from the notebook;

Disconnecting the HP Notebook Power Adapter

Step 2. Press the "Power" button to turn off the laptop;

HP Notebook PC Shutdown

Step 3. Close the notebook and place it with the bottom side facing up. On the left is the battery release latch, which you should leave in the unlocked position (with the padlock open). After that, move the key located to the right to the side, which will cause the battery to detach from the notebook;

Removing the HP Notebook Battery

Step 4. To insert the battery again, place it in the same position as it was removed and just push into the space with your fingers;

Inserting the battery in the HP notebook

Step 5. Lock the battery release switch, which should show a closed padlock;

HP Notebook Battery Crash

Now just plug in your HP notebook again. Do this whenever you need to replace the battery or perform a physical reset of the component.

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