Removing multiple Facebook apps and sites at once by mobile

Facebook announced changes to the privacy settings of the social network following the scandal involving Cambridge Analytica. So now you can remove multiple sites and apps connected to your account at once on your phone and PC. Before, it was necessary to delete item by item, which could be a tedious and tiresome task.

In this tutorial, see how to access Facebook application settings from the social networking application and remove several at once. The procedure was performed on an iPhone (iOS), but the tips are also valid for Android users.

Learn how to remove multiple sites and apps at once from your Facebook account

Changing Messenger permission settings on Android

Step 1. Access your Facebook settings. To do so, in the app menu, tap Settings, and then go to Account settings.

Open your account settings

Step 2. In the social network settings screen, touch "Applications". Now, choose the option "Connected with Facebook".

Access the list of connected apps

Step 3. Applications and sites connected to your account will be displayed. Use the check box on the left to mark the ones you want to delete and tap "Remove." You can also delete the publications made by the applications that will be removed. Finally, confirm by tapping "Remove".

Removing multiple apps and sites at once

Ready! Take the tips to remove apps and websites you do not use and keep your account safe.

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