Renaming Chromecast after it's installed on your TV

During the initial setup of your Chromecast, you have the chance to name your device so you can distinguish it from the others, when there is more than one on the network. The setting itself puts a name automatically, but this can be a bit tricky to decorate because it uses letters and numbers.

Using Chromecast via 3G or 4G data connection

Fortunately, even after initial setup, you can still rename your Chromecast if you wish. In this tutorial we'll show you how to do it before you start any of the procedures, turn on the TV on which your Chromecast is connected.

Discover how to rename your Chromecast in a practical way

Renaming Chromecast using the Google Home app on your Smartphone or tablet

To rename Chromecast from your phone or tablet, you just need to install the Google Home app. Then do the following:

Step 1. Run the Google Home app on your phone or tablet. On the program screen, touch the devices icon in the upper right corner;

Accessing the device screen in the Google Home app

Step 2. Touch the three-point icon on your Chromecast;

Clicking the Chromecast three dash icon to be renamed

Step 3. In the menu that will appear, touch the 'Settings' option;

Accessing your Chromecast settings

Step 4. In Chromecast settings, tap the Name option;

Accessing the Chromecast name setting

Step 5. On the screen that appears, tap the current Chromecast name and delete it;

Deleting the current Chromecast name

Step 6. Then enter the new name. Confirm the change by tapping the 'Save' button.

Entering the new Chromecast name and saving the change

Renaming Chromecast using the Chromecast app on your PC

If you want to rename Chromecast on your computer, download the Chromecast program from this link. After installing, do the following:

Step 1. Run the Chromecast app. Then click on the 'Settings' button in front of the device you want to rename;

Accessing your Chromecast settings

Step 2. In the Chromecast settings window, click inside the text box of the 'Chromecast Name' field and delete the current name;

Deleting the current Chromecast name

Step 3. Then enter the new device name. To confirm the change, click on the 'Continue' button.

Entering the new name and confirming the change

Ready! Now that you know how to rename your Chromecast, you can do this whenever you want, as there are no limits to this option.

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