Reporting abuse or spam on Instagram over the computer

The web version of Instagram allows you to anonymously denounce posts or profiles that violate the rules of the platform, helping to remove inappropriate content. Just like in the cell phone, it is possible to indicate publications that disrespect the terms of use of the social network by the computer. Some examples are cases of spam, hate speech, violence, abuse, harassment or bullying, nudity or pornography, drug sales, plagiarism, or images that encourage self-mutilation or suicide. Check out the following tutorial how to report posts and profiles on Instagram by PC.

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Tutorial teaches how to report inappropriate publishing on Instagram by computer

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Report a post

Step 1. Click on the three dots located in the lower right corner of the post to open the menu. Then select the "Report inappropriate content" option;

Access the options menu to report an Instagram post on the PC

Step 2. Choose the reason for the report. If it is not in the list, select "Other" to see more options;

Select reason for reporting spam or abuse on Instagram

Step 3. See more reasons to denounce the post. Click on the desired reason;

Instagram shows more posting options

Step 4. Check "Submit" to confirm the report;

Confirm the report of an Instagram post by the PC

Step 4. Instagram will display a message that the report has been sent.

Instagram's acknowledgment message received

Report a profile

Step 1. Access the profile that will be reported and click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then select "Report user";

Report an Instagram profile to your computer

Step 2. In the same way, choose the reason for the complaint;

Select reason for reporting Instagram profile

Step 3. Check "Submit" to confirm.

Confirm Instagram Profile Report from PC

After the complaint, Instagram will analyze the contents of the post or the profile. After a few days, you'll be notified with the answer to your complaint.

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