Restart Samsung: know ways to give reboot in Galaxy

There are several ways to restart Samsung mobile, each useful on a given occasion. In addition to the more traditional way, with the smartphone's on / off button, the user can use a specific combination of physical keys to give a forced reset - possible solution for when the Galaxy gets stuck. You can also schedule automatic resets that clean useless files saved in the phone memory.

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Know three ways to restart a Samsung mobile phone

1. Floating Menu

To restart your Samsung smartphone at any time, press and hold the power button on the unit for two seconds until you see a floating menu with power-related options. Then touch "Reset" and confirm your choice on the next screen. Following, the phone will hang up and call itself.

Press the power button on your phone to get the power menu

2. Key combination

Restarting with physical keys is useful when Galaxy's Android system eventually freezes. In these situations, you can press the power and volume buttons down at the same time for seven seconds to cause a forced reset.

Press the power and volume buttons down for seven seconds to restart the Samsung mobile phone

3. Scheduled Reset

Samsung software has a function that allows you to schedule specific times to restart your phone periodically. The feature can be used as a way to clean the device memory from useless files and improve performance.

Step 1. Access the settings and tap the "General Management" option. Then go to "Restore."

Access the restore menu in the settings

Step 2. Touch the item "Auto restart" and turn on the key at the top.

Enable automatic restart

Step 3. Finally, set the day and time to perform the automatic reset of the phone. Samsung's own Android makes it clear that the phone will only restart after a number of conditions: screen off; unused telephone; battery above 30%; chip lock off; and secure boot disabled.

Set the day and time to restart the phone automatically

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