Restaurant on Google Maps: booking your mobile

The Google Maps app now allows Brazilians to book tables in restaurants. The function had been available abroad for some time. In Brazil, the resource is the result of a partnership with Restorando, one of the largest reservation platforms in Latin America, with about 700 establishments registered in the country.

According to Google, the function can already be used by all users, on both Android and iPhone (iOS). In the next walkthrough, see how to make restaurant reservations through Google Maps on your mobile.

Learn how to use Google Maps to store restaurants

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Step 1. Open the Google Maps mobile app and locate the restaurant where you plan to make a reservation. You can find it on the map or use the search.

Locate the restaurant you want

Step 2. Touch the name of the restaurant at the bottom of the screen and slide your finger up. Find the "Find table" option and touch it.

Reserving table in restaurant

Step 3. Select the number of people, the day and the time. Then touch one of the available times. Finally, fill in the field for your phone number and tap "Reserve".

Confirming table reservation

Enjoy tips for making restaurant reservations straight from Google Maps on your mobile.

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